Spectacular 3D Entry: Eddie Ellis


alittle better compersition i think and some work on depth of field…

Crits ?


Urrgghh - the awfulness continues - great :thumbsup:

I think the DoF is a good idea and perhaps also give the mother a less symmetric face? Right now, she and the baby have quite similar expressions and twisting her a bit might change that.
Nice website, so this is your new workplace? cool :cool:


Hey Gunilla, yep thats my new work… and its soooooo cool

Will do some work on the face and body today, hopefully ill be going with something like this.

And i be sorting out the face expressions too, hopefully do some work in zb. i was going to use it for the baby , but to be honest i dont think he needs it.


eddie … definitely sick stuff … and love it … such a reverse from the cutsey girl and monster from last one :thumbsup:

good luck with it and waiting for more :slight_smile:


Hey guys, done alittle more on the mothers body and shall be finishing of the hand and then putting it through zb.

any thoughts so far ?


another little update for you guy’s…

Good Art is supposed to be contravertial… is this image ?


naaa… this image is not too strong to my stomic anyway… giving birth is a part of life, even for a “devilgirl” i guess… :slight_smile: you doing good progress… gonna be fun to see the mom´s body with that “skin”
you go eddie!.. :wip:


lol… thanks mate


Holy immaculate misconception! hahah. How did I miss this messed up project? In about 2 years your son will start acting like the kid in your picture.

You should give the baby a cel phone and a briefcase…


That’s looking great. Good job so far on everything, I have nothing to crit.


This image just gives me constant pain… congrats :scream::thumbsup:


WOW, WOW, WOW That IS really awesom stuff, mate. And, yes yure not just BAD, you’re EVIL man, Eddie Ellis.


Maybe he’s just its father? :twisted: :eek: :scream:


soapy : lol, you may joke but thats the image i get on his 4am feed…

coCoKNIght : good to see you back and thanks for the encouragement

Gunilla : Its only the biggining mate…lol

suk-grigorij : I try my best my friend, i buttered you up with my M&S thread, and im dunna knock you all down with this one…lol

(o)ne : just call me bob (bealsibob that is)


the big secret is out… Eddie is the father… :eek: no wonder you catch this scene so well then, you was there when it happend… haha :stuck_out_tongue:


its a photo from my digi camera really, just touched up in photoshop


i was never gone, i just don’t like to say how good everything is and that i’ve nothing to crit all the time :smiley:
btw. her expression is veryvery good, really looks like she’s giving birth and like it’s hurting the HELL out of her :scream:


F£%king EVIL ! Really strange composition ! great !


How terrific!:scream: …Congrats man:thumbsup:


Hey guy’s little update on the mother texture… i know the specular level is off, but i want to get the texture right before doing bumps and spec channels.