Spectacular 3D Entry: Eddie Ellis


Sweet baby:scream:

Great update Eddie:thumbsup:


Sweet ? Sweet ? Sweet ? Sweet ? he remain me mine yesterday evening :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

:scream: hahahahaha


Hey Guy’s, finally got around to making a start on the mother… she looks alittle plain at the moment, but i usually try to get the human face’ish and when change to demonic properties. will keep you posted


Hey Guy’s, this alittle more of the expression im going for, kindda want a pleasure and pain expression, tried doing a search on google for it, but you can image the results i got… lol


Tring to get that giger feel now, not sure if its working, let me know what you think ?


I personally think that you have such a strong image in the baby that it would look better if the mother was a normal human figure but with a look of total horror and revoltion on her face, as if she wasn’t expecting the demon dude to pop out, but a normal child. If you get too geigerish with the mother i feel that the baby will loose some of it’s impact.


yeh you got a good point there, and a nice idea, but the setting would be all wrong if i were to place it in a hospital ?

But saying that the mother wont really be in shot that much as i will be using a depth of field shot which should hopefully blur out the mothers face in the background.

What does everyone else think, as im now in two minds ?


:argh: creepy as hell!


My vote is for human giving birth to a devilchild… :slight_smile: I kind of like the first face you updated today…


Heya Eddie, In keeping wiith the Giger feel I’d go with human, and make her utterly gorgeous, innocent and feminine… Push yourself on it mate, then I’d F**k her up somehow with some subtle demonic details, like she’s just been possessed, veins protruding, wierd eyes, exaggerated expression etc… To be really out there she could be instead looking at the lil fella with utter adoration… unaware of her pain or that He’s hellspawn… Whatever you go with I’d say that the more subtle the overall demonic nature of the lucky lady the more attention is given to juniour… Keep Rokkin!


Yep - I’m totally with Mack on this. Modeling so far is really great but I think the image might get even stronger with her completely human. A mix between innocence and devilness … this is goiung to be so fab - just keep on :thumbsup:


hei eddieellis

nice updates on texturing the baby! creapy!!:eek: and DaddyMack’s idea is cool!
cheers !


Yup a pity the mother couldn’t be human, but good work anyways, keep it up! Giger’s work is great…



Hey Guy’s, ok i see your point, i have tried to doa human mother this morning and got this far… but the more i do it the less it like the idea…

So i think im going to have to make an artists decision and go with my original idea, with alittle change in mind… ive decided to have the mother (demon) sitting in a thrown with birth stirups given birth… the human mother idea is a sound one, but kindda puts a comedy element into the peice and to be honest thats not me.

So i hope you guy’s will bear with me, as im kind of a sicko and really need to go with the horror twisted feel… But hey if it doesn’t work out then you can all say i told you so… lol


Hey Eddie i’m sure your vision is gonna be great, and eye candy for us all. There are no rights or wrongs in creating an image just hunches and gut feelings. Follow your own path my friend and above all enjoy yourself.


The way with a “normal” mother is very good Eddie :thumbsup: the contrast will be spectacular for sure… :smiley:



Go totally nuts on her then mate;)


So i hope you guy’s will bear with me, as im kind of a sicko and really need to go with the horror twisted feel…

Absolutely! Its your vision and if you want to go twisted we can only cheer you on :thumbsup:

So go! It’s going to be cool to see her totally wacko :twisted:


Ha ha ha… Eddie…
She looks like my mom when she’s angry :eek:

Good continuation :thumbsup:


Hey Guy’s

thought i would do some work on compersition to give you an idea of what i am trying to attcheive… i also did some more work on texturing the little one, just to give him more of a fresh born look. all mothers and fathers out there will know what im talking about.