Spectacular 3D Entry: Eddie Ellis


Hi eddieellis. It’s coming something. Keep time to creat some cripy baby.

I wish you nice work.

xbo :scream:


Mate I just read your description and I think this could turn out really wicked! Congrats on your son as well.

The procedurals are looking really good as well, can’t wait to see more!



Hey Guy’s, had some time tonight, so i got around to do some texturing…

All drits and comments are welcome


Heya Eddie, looking good as ever mate:thumbsup:… You might wish you could take a swing at me for this but his hands bug me… they lack the ‘flab factor’ that you’ve got going with the rest of him and they look a little lifeless and rigid… sorry:P


ha guru ur spec… coming well, keep it up…:thumbsup: ,Just check my spec… and give me some ideas and tips.


Did some more work on texturing today, still playing around with the hands. but im sure i will get them right one day…lol


Hey man, that looks really sick :slight_smile: but really unique within… Good luck!


Ouch - that’s really nasty :thumbsup:

About the hands… perhaps you should give him claws?


well. i think thats nearly there, just need to put in alittle more detailing.

Hey Gunilla think claws would be cool, but i kinnda unwrapped the model and when i ad more verts it messes it all up… if anybody knows who to get around this easily i would appericate it.


Are you on MAX? If so, you could add a editpoly modifier above the Unwrap - that’s what I’ve done since I discovered a lot of mess in the mesh after adding the Unwrap. But as you know, I’m really now expert on Unwrapping - yet :slight_smile:
You could perhaps also make it as separate polys?


yeh using max and bodypaint, unfortunalty i do everything in Sub-d’s so if i add a edit mesh mod after the uv mod it gives me a 100 polys for the finger nails… doh doh doh

i think i might have to add the geom as a seperate object


Just one word…
Keep up the good work :thumbsup:


great work so far eddieellis, wery spectacular and i hope your son dont have to muth in comen whith the figure you are making :scream: see you later mate and :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



That about says it me thinks;)

Re the claws you could detach the tips and work them from there maybe? Or even detach the whole hand… then stitch it back on later… Sorry me no speak max…


Hahahahahaha… great :thumbsup: continue like that Eddie :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Hello mate,

s’looking good so far, whats it going to be bursting out of? A goat? A woman?

2 words - forked tongue!! GO!!


hey matty V, was thinking about that very same thing, but decided against it coz i wanted it too by as close too a human child as i could get it. plus i think forked tounge would be alittle too stereotypical. but might give it a go to see how it all turns out…


very nice progress eddie… just one comment on the bloody part of the texture… i would add some geometry and make it slowly drip from his chin… right now it seems too static for blood… or it might just be me…


Yes, this is really ugly creature, phweeeee… Good work, EddieEllis, it’s always interresting to watch your progress (i’m sure I already said that somewhere before ).


el_newty : thanks mate

alex.h. : lol… na he just seems to have the same temprament

DaddyMack : i think the best way forw2ard is to create an extra object for the claws and then try to find away to attach later on… thanks for you help mate

Lemog : Hey Lemog … i plan too… lol :bounce:

icedeyes : I see what your saying mate, and yes i plan to create some blood splahes, just wanted to have a base coat on the model… i think i’ll prbably use from realflow too get the blood really moving.

suk-grigorij : hey my Russian friend alway to pleaseure to read your comments mate