Spectacular 3D Entry: Eddie Ellis


Yap, I agree with you, modelling fingers is a nightmare.
Nice updates.



It`s cool . I think U can try again to make the fingers better than it. all of another pieace is so good .


jddog : always a pleaseure to see you hear dude, im curious too as im only a begginer in zb

handlebar : Thanks Man

thierry2005 : CHeers Dude, i’ll try not to dissapoint

aBlackEgg : Thanks dude

suk-grigorij : Hey my Russian friend, good to see you back, looking forward to share idea’s with you once again.

Ramtin_moom : i know dude, i always find fingers hard, but will keep you all updated


great work eddieellis and cant say thats not been already said! :slight_smile: nice … keep on doing it man!


Well, what can i say, it is certainly spectacular :D. Good work so far :).


Yeah, I will be doin’ some zb work as well I hope that will work out for ya holla!


Hi eddieellis. I just want to say. NICE WORK. :applause: Its amazing.
I’m looking for the next step.

xbo :scream:


Dunno about you guys, don’t want to offend anyone, but I’d say: “F#ck Zbrush”.


This is really beginning to feel painful - not exactly a baby I’d like to squeeze out :eek:

Love your updates even so :slight_smile:


yunisirees : cheers mate, good to see you back

DogmaD : well my thinking as that its the most spectactular moment in anybodies life

beelow : i think zb’s the way forward and cgtalk seem to favour artists that use it.

2xbo : thanks dude… ill keep em coming

suk-grigorij : het me old mucker, unfortunatly i kindda need to use it, as its just not possiblt to get some of the fine detail without it. but i wont re relying on it too much

Gunilla : lol

Right guy’s, had a bit of a nightmare yesturday and managed to delete and save over allot of my progress so im having to rebuild same of the goemerty… unfortunatly i really am pushed at work at the moment, but should be finished at the end of the week. My boss said i can have Friday off due to all the hard work i have put in over the weekend and the last months or so, so i will be able to get my teeth stuck in at the weekend…

Take it easy guy’s… sorry i haven’t done allot of posting on other threads but i should have more time as of next week, so i’ll catch up i promise


suk-grigorij : het me old mucker, unfortunatly i kindda need to use it, as its just not possiblt to get some of the fine detail without it. but i wont re relying on it too much

What U were drinking my friend? And thats right, it’s not a good deal to rely on some sh#ty sh#tware.

Best of luck, dude. See ya.


so you never know my M&S entry might actually find its way on the a TV near you soon… how cool is that.:thumbsup:

That is extrememly cool :cool: Congrats - it might cheer you up from losing your data.


Het Guys, very quick update, nearly back to what i have lost… redone the hands and arms and started alittle skin shader… which is very rough at the mo.


Nice looking baby so far eddieellis, am loving the expression on his face!:thumbsup:


Hey my friend!! How are you???
amazing work, as aways!!! The expression in this face is great!
Best luck to you mate!:thumbsup:


heheh bizarre baby! Cool pose, though! I like the horned version best, as well.


Nice modeling. :thumbsup:

One crit would be that the left hand looks like its on the wrong way round. This is because all his fingers are the same size. You can see this on the other hand but it’s not as critical as you can see the thumb.

Although a subtle fix I reckon you’d see a huge improvement if you gave him correctly proportioned fingers particularly the little finger on his left hand.

The facial expression is great, look forward to seeing him textured…

Good work,


Swamps is right.


Hey guy’s i think i sorted the hads out… i cnt believe just how long this is taking, but i have around 1 hour in the morning to work on it so bare with me.


:slight_smile: Take your time friend, but my opinion to follow Swamps’s advice, he has a good point …and it will solve your problem :bounce:.