Spectacular 3D Entry: Eddie Ellis


I’d consider what sort of an upbringing they plan to give their bundle of joy, their social class, financial status, ethnicity etc and then just set everything on fire… but then I do have umm… some fire issues…

Dunno mate, are they gonna be demon parents or everyday folk?


lol… Think Giger and you be on the right lines


Ouch! I’m gonna love this… And I believe that answers my Q? Maybe they could be in a deep chasm…

Good luck mate, I just reserved my front row seat;)


oh how evil this child looks…


I think you’d better phone for an exorcist now, this dudes gonna cause havock. Delightfully evil.


So… we’re impatiently waiting for some updates here. The wicked baby needs the rest of his body :scream:


Yep… si very :twisted: to wait so much :smiley:


Just stoped to say: “Hi! And Good luck”



• C’mon! it is not a little update, now he can hand us the beer Lol :D, I am also with lots of work and little time for " Playing" :sad: But I am sure I am gonna finish my image this time, we have still good time:wip::wip::wink:


Little update mate ? well, it’s always much pleasure to discover a new beautiful step… :thumbsup:


:thumbsup: Dang, good stuff so far, I will wait for the next update!


Ahhh - he’s growing! Good luck with the webwork - good thing we have plenty of time this time around, and you work so fast- you’ll make it for sure :thumbsup:


Hey Guy’s Managed to get some time for myself to play this morning, so this is how far i have got… i left the hands quite basic, as if can remember for my M&S entry, hands are a nightmare for me, so i will detail them in ZB as its so much easier…

The bodies nearly finished now, just need to extend the belly alittle more and add the umbilical cord, when i’ll start to detail in ZB.


Climax : Cheers dude, but dont think you would want anything this little one hands you


Well starting on the mother now… nuff said me thinks


impressive…very nice model here :thumbsup: I will curious to see you work on hand into Zbrush… sound a great idea…


Great job Eddie, looking forwar to the detailing, excelent pose and expression


Hi eddieellis, nice modeling and congrats for your new born kid :thumbsup:

Looking forward to see your next steps on this. :slight_smile:


hum hhum - fine work in progress around here - keep it up - cheers