Spectacular 3D Entry: Eddie Ellis


What guts for such a controversial image!
I just love the perspective angle, the mother’s expression, and the mischief of the little devil.
Well done mate:twisted:
It sure is a spectacular hot potato.


Hey Guy’s the title of my Image is called “Birth (The Demon King)”.

I haven’t really got a backstory for this image, but i would like to give you the reasons why i choose to do it for the challange.

a Couple of day’s before the challenge started i became the proud father of a bouncing baby boy. When the challenge was annouced i read the instructions which asked us all to produce an image that depicted a moment or event in time that was spectactular. Which made me think of what was the most spectacular moment in my life, which funnily enough was a couple of days previous when i watch my Son being born.
A futher description in the challenge was to produce an image that would excite and sicken the viewer at the same time, i took this litrally and thought what would be the best thing i could do to show the spectular event of birth, but in just a way that would bring allot of controvicy and make the image talked about for along time after. I was reminded of something Goerge A Romero said in an interview which was “why cut the camera away at all the good bits, its what the vewier wants to see weather say it or not”.

These were the reason why i decided to do such a image, plus the fact i love to shock people…

Highres Version at www.ellipages.co.uk/artwork/spectacularhigh.jpg


wow , now thats just something else! congrats on the baby , but do me a fav and dont show this to him until hes about 40 years old! great stuff


• :argh: Everytime I see him i can feel his smell…and it is definitly not like “teen Spirit” :smiley: Lol very impacting image, I guess that is the idea uh? I congratule you for acomplishing the challenge with such great stuff, now, excuse me …I have to…go to…the …bath…BBBBLLLOOOAAARRRGGGHHTT …:drool: sorry!


Matellis : lol. when ever he looks at it he laughs… lol

Climax : lol, thanks man, does tend to leave a smell in the back of your throat… he he


Hey Guy’s guess what ?.. my submission of this entry to the Finished artwork section has been denied… how rude is that.,

I guess my art is just to controvertial for the CGTalk team… which makes me think that the judges just might reject my entry. :twisted: :shrug:


What!? :eek:

That’s so wierd… the gallery is filled with blood, chopped off heads, zombies and such - but a woman (sort of…) giving birth is to much?

I really hope your not rejected for the challenge though, it would be a great shame. Good luck, buddy :thumbsup:


maybe… cuz the challenge is make “something spectacular”, not something SHOCKING!! JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA LOL!

this is the weirdest 3d artwork EVER SEEN BEFORE! AND WEIRDEST FOR EVER!



This is so sad, isn’t art meant to evoke thoughts, emotions & opinions, why does CGTalk chose to censor what we can see & what we can’t, I think the decision to ban this from the finished art section blows big time…


Why let it go this far before censoring it?? It was quite plain from the begining what the content of the work was. If there are rules in place to “Ban This Filth” they should of been implemented earlier. I hope the person responsible for this decision is courteous enough to come forward and explain why.

CGTalk just got a little bit more sterile today. Shame.


Thats Gnarly


What is this is see? thats plain not fair! The end product could be figured out ages ago, its then they should have carried out their actions.Why now?


arh thanks guy’s im touched…

i think i will wait for the results and then try to submit again, if i have no joy, then i think ill just have to try harder to sicken you lot… :hmm:


It’s in the Spectacular rules:

“Any imaging deemed to contain content that depicts explicit acts that are overtly violent, sexual, cruel or brutal will be disqualified.”

Is this really such a surprise?


so which one does this image come under ?

its not violent, sexual, brutal … it maybe crawl, but only to the mother


Again, why let Eddies entry go this far?? It had quite few viewings before someone decided they were offended. Although the image is most definatly ‘in yer face’, I cant see anything violent, sexual, cruel and brutal either. But, hey, thats just me.


hey before this goes any further, i would like to stress that my entriy to the competition has been allowed up to this point, but the problem im facing is that my entry to the finished work gallery keeps getting denied.

This kind of makes me think that there are a few double standards going on there, as its ok in one place but not another


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