Spectacular 3D Entry: Eddie Ellis


Gunilla: hi mate, i needed to put it in on the right, so that the contrast between character and backgound stood out from each other. but will do soem tests.

makaron : cheers dude, im kindda happy with it, i decided not to go with the hospital. dont know why artistic merit i guess.

Tremoside : hey mate, thanks for dropping by. i see what your saying. i was trying to get the focus on the baby, not the mother, which is why i tried fading her into the background.

Im really happy with this image now, so i just think im going to add some extra blood and goo to finish it off… then im done


Right Guy’s, ive decided that this is going to be my final image, as to be honest im bored of it now and want to move onto something else…

Cheers for watching


congratulation for finish image! good job eddie ! and good luck !:beer::thumbsup:


Hey! Congrats for finishing what probably is the most provocative image in the challenge - well done :thumbsup:

Good luck with the jury - and thanks for playing so well!


Congrats for finishing my friend. The most …errrr…spiffy image in this challenge .


Disturbing, But you have finishedmy friend best of luck to you with this superb image, holla!:thumbsup:


well done :applause:


:bowdown:I think a bowing smilly is apt to honor the guts you have to submit such a…“different”…image. Its amazing the baby ever got out with those horns.

Be sure to post your backstory so we can see what these characters are all about.

Great job man. Love it.:thumbsup:



monsitj : Cheers Mate

Gunilla : Thanks Mate, youve been a great help on this project, so i would like to thank you especailly

DimitrisLiatsos : CHeers dude, i aim to please

beelow & makaron: Thanks My friends

detached : Different eh, he he… as long is i have skocked a few people along the way , i’ll be a happy man


The devil comes to us ? hehe :beer: cheers Eddie !!! You did it, congrats !


lol… well all i have to do now is think of something evan sicker for my next entry :twisted: :banghead:


Gongrats on your final image.It is a bit contrivertial but well done.


Great final image (cause of my nightmares :smiley: )… just take a rest and recharge your energy :beer:
Congrats Eddie:thumbsup:


Hey Eddie, congrats for your final image, unique theme for sure. Be proud, you had a great work. Congrats and good luck mate. :beer:


Not possible to keep long time with cold blood front of your image Eddie… of course… terribly spectacular… congratulations mate… and best wishes for the next step… :thumbsup:


whow, good work…well the most curious picture of the challenge, then, very original ! Congrats :thumbsup:


SONIC-X : thanks mate, good art is purposed to be contrivertial…

Maxter : will do and thank again

denverbz : yeh will do, just need to render off the high res and do a few adjustments that i have missed.

Lemog : thanks my friend , you have been a great help on this project :buttrock:

monks : curious hey, i’ll take that as a good thing, so thanks mate


LOL! what a beautiful birth haha, original image, good luck!!:thumbsup:


I finally got the balls to really study your rendering. It’s freakin’ incredible! I have to admit I would only take quick looks at it as you worked it because it really is upsetting, but time to suck it up and give this artist his props. You’re fearless man!
Now I have to go get a turkey ready for frying with this picture in my brain!



Hey it’s final :slight_smile: cheers mate :scream: you know I was wondering how many times you’ve heard phrases like: Hey now that looks sick man! :slight_smile: Anyway great composition it raises a disgust and laugh at the same time :surprised :smiley: and the surprise wich I feel after can be considered as spectacular I guess, cha cha… Good luck and cheers :wavey: