Spectacular 3D Entry: Eddie Ellis


(o)ne : Hey mate, sounds like a good idea, i will see what i can do

Gunilla : hey mate, will try to render one off tonight for ya

soapy : will do

Lemog : lol, show me

Crying Horn : thanks man


hey guy’s, rather than posting some close up images, here’s a high res one for you to look at



Thanks for the wallpaper Eddie… really disgusting… I’m taking my breakfast actually :scream: hahaha

Show you… I don’t have a pic of my vision… but If I can find something, I will post you… of course ! but it’s not really easy in our real life to find a creepy place like that… :shrug:


Oh yeah - really disgusting :thumbsup:

I don’t think I will use it as a wallpaper - that would effectively keep me from finishing :scream:

Thanks for the big render!


Lemog : No problem, mate, there are a few mistake on that render, as i applied the wrong texture to the eye’s of the mother, but will fix and post again soon. Dont worrie about the pic i was only joking :bounce:

Gunilla : no problem my friend…


Each time I see your image it gets sicker and sicker :smiley: but I like that extremenees, good luck!

:smiley: i will never enter here again

anywhy … great work in texturing


thanks mate… i think ?


yeah me too… :argh: + :applause:


A true contender for the ‘Ultimate gross Award’!

Have to hand it to you, Eddie, it really looks utterly disgusting, down to the last pixel :thumbsup:



jddog : yep i have to agree i think i’ll give it a go at the weekend…

JamesMK : lol… i am to please, but to be honest there was a time when this pic grossed me out alittle, but now im used to it. Im evan thinking is not gross enough, need to add some fungus somewhere


eddie, I just want that is really gross, you may need therapy:p Great stuff so far though Like the models and the texturing I do not seem to have a problem with good stuff!:thumbsup:


are those maggots?


beelow : cheers man… ill go see a doctor

dvelasco : yer maggots, are you grossed out ?


Eddie - I’ve been looking at this again and actually I think you could very well do with the current background or similar - not placing them in a fixed environment but strenghten the expression with that screaming red could be very cool … or should I say hot? :smiley:


here ya go guy’s, been working on this backdrop all day, and im kindda happy with it… im abit gutted as most my efforts have been hidden by the foreground, but will post layers later


hiya eddieellis im happy to say im grossed out! :cool: … the image is coming out very well !
cheers !


just a quick change… so what do you guys think ?


I think the colors are great! Perhaps a bit too busy though - I’m not sure … the top right corner kind of jumps out a bit.

Plenty of time for tweaking still - to make that extra disgusting thingie :thumbsup:


that building looks perfect as background… :twisted:


Hey Eddie,

Nice (nice:rolleyes: ) stuff man. Those changes of the background are cool. More interesting. Probably you can add some brighter colors or some “highlights” to the foreground. To characters, just to pick them out from the backgrnd. I only think that bckgrnd and frgrnd colors are too similar now. Everithing else is just perfect for me. It’s not a simple topic you know, but the way you realized it makes it so fine :slight_smile: hehe scary. cya, Mark