Spectacular 3D Entry: Eddie Ellis


my wote goes to, monk like robed figure… but not too scary so it draws the att. from the :twisted:-baby…


It could work… the shapes looks fine in the comp I think. Perhaps making him a bit aetheral/spirit something? “Unflesh” besides the “fleshy” mother and baby could look really cool.

And please, don’t texture better - this is way more than I can stand already… maggots! Urrk! :thumbsup::bounce:


makaron : yep deffinately mate… think i might add some more DOF later.

Gunilla : Spirit sounds like a good idea, think i need to take alittle break form the project. PLus need to sort out the baby texture, as im not happy with the wet look at the moment.

Grrrrrrr : tried to put that moisture, but need to do more test as im not happy with the result yet… and thanks for dropping by.

gpepper : Sweet, that the emotional response im looking for… lol

ace4016 : lol… might send it round to all the schools round my area to kurb that pregnancy rate.

Lemog : Hey Mate, your site is awsome and you have some sick flesh textures, which gave me the idea for the maggots … thanks dude.

DaddyMack : Always a pleasure my friend


Quite an amazing birth you’ve got there. I think thats the first one i’ve seen here on CGTalk. And I must say, I think any birthings in the future are going to have to be pretty extreme to top this. Great job man.

A few suggestions, Definately add more “slim” to the baby and the “mother”. Make it look as wet and messy as possible.


Those maggots are a nice touch.

Are you going to add more creepy crawlys down there ??


hahahaha… but I don’t have maggots in my site ? :scream: hahaha
Well, if that can help, it’s the principal… I’m waiting the monk now… for your so horrible masterpiece :thumbsup:


yeah, this one’s really crazy entry :thumbsup:


yes, I think that the baby could do with some more SWSS, Slimey Wet Slippery Stuff. Perhaps you could try some blobmesh? That could be cruel :twisted:

A break is definitely a good thing - look at so much beautiful things you can so you get ready to grasp the nasty again :thumbsup:


Wow, that is pretty gross stuff, but I like it. The skin on the leg looks really realistic, the viens and strech marks are a nice touch. Keep up the good work. Alexi.


a image can for sure affect the veiwer… :thumbsup:
I don´t think I´m gonna use maggots next fishingtrip, you never know where they coming from :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Eddie, quite intriguing concept :slight_smile: i’m waiting to see the final product. Good luck to you (though it doesn’t seem like u’ll be needing it!) :thumbsup:


detached : thanks man, i try to be original… im trying with the slim, but cant seem to find a good result… going to try using blobmesh if i can find a good tut on how to do it.

Agent_Orange : No , no more creepy crawley’s as i dont want to over do thing.

Lemog : i have a few more things to do before i start on the monk, i think im going to go for a kindda ringwraith type of creature but as a elemental spirit (which is on fire)… dont know quite how to do that … but will give it my best shot

(o)ne : i try :slight_smile:

Gunilla : hey buddy, swss is coming… do youknow how to use bloobmesh ?

alexichabane : thanks man and thanks for droping by

makaron : lol… hopefully it will be one that you repulsed but cant keep your eye;'s off

Digital_Rebellion : thanks mate


Blobmesh - sure! Here’s a tut for using it with particles. You could also use manually created helpers for building the mesh, blobs/metaballs is really good for making mucus gooey stuff. I love it!
good luck sliming away:thumbsup:


Goodluck Ed, I’m watching you dude…:thumbsup: (More goo)


Eddie, Eddie, Eddie… You are one sick MF!
Good to see ya here mate. It’s been a long time!

I agree with the “more slime” opinion. Imagine when you get a chinese take-away, and the chicken chop suey has leaked all over the bag… THATS how much slime you need…

Keep up the good work dude.

The Ton


true, I´m sneaking in on your thread, again… but, I just dare to look at the :twisted:-child with one eye… :eek: and hoping it gets more slimy soon…


So Eddie - what’s happening with your slime? :scream:


Hey Eddie, that’s soooooooo gross but bl**dy brilliant! Keep going with the gore factor. :bounce:


You added slime and maggots…it gets sicker and sicker by the day! lol, the funny part is that we are all encouraging this. Keep it up man:thumbsup: .


Hey Guy’s,
done alittle work on the hands of the evil monk… tried to texture it, but haven’t got a good result yet.

Hope ya like