Spectacular 3D Entry: Eddie Ellis


Ouch - last update is … Yuck! Great work :thumbsup:
I think Swamps is onto something here… the crowd, just like in “Rosemarys baby”. Could be very creepy.
I can’t get over how different this one is compared to your last one … amazing and I love to get surprised :slight_smile:


Hey Guy’s just a bit of fun while i think of the background…

Done some more work on Bumps, and will probably be working on the blood flow next.


:eek: Gahhh this is just horrible ! heheheh
Perhaps you may work a little more on the baby’s hand posing.


agree, some kind of ppl/devils in the background.
warn´t you the father Eddie? maybe we can see a glimse of you then :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Guy’s, been toying with an idea of having an evil preist in the background. i kindda like the firey effect in the distance… but i watched Constintine again today and also like the idea of a burning city with all its minions watching… not sure what do you guy’s think ?


I think the texture for her leg is amazing…! The rest too, but really - that leg is killing me :bowdown:

For background I still like the idea of the evil crowd but a burning city could be pretty cool too.


Good bumpmapping, but you could do better. Plus I’m not sure about the shaders. Are you going to leave’me like that, or you plan some more work?


loking great eddiee, were is the slime and blod ? i think it could youse some juises.
great work and see you later mate :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hey guy’s done alittle work on juices as requested, just alittle … and mainly on the face.

Not sure if it looks right… what do you think ?..

Blood will be coming next


Gunilla : thanks man, I like that part too, and will be trying to get the face texture just as good

suk-grigorij : Thanks man, not quite finished with the bumps yet so watch this space… regarding the shaders im quite happy with them at the moment, there are a few things that need to be improved, but all in good time

alex.h. : Cheers dude and see above


Ummm… Eeeyyeeeewwwww!

LYW Eddie:applause:


Yeark… horrible :scream: great :thumbsup:

remember Eddie… if you need, there’s much flesh (disgusting) textures on my website… that can be usefull for you my friend… :beer:


lol, that’s sick (the disgusted sick that is). Want to stop teenage girls from having babies? Just show them this:D .


When I see this image, I’m feeling sick… I think that the effect is made a success…
Great job on texture !


Hey Guy’s, sorry been alittle slack in the updates for the last couple of day’s but ive not been too well.

Anyway i had an idea to up the sick level of this image thanks to LEMOG’s texture site (awsome site by the way mate) and come up with this.


OMG … i have never felt like this … this is very horrible but in the mean time a master peace! I hope you bring us a spectacullar final image.

PS: I think the little ‘cute’ baby needs to be with some moisture on him…


Hey Guy’s, started alittle work on the glu today… not happy with the shader yet, but will sort out sometime soon.


Euuww :eek:

What are the white thingies… some kind of larvas?

I shouldn’t have looked at this right before eating :banghead::banghead:


lol… their maggots mate… need to texture better i guess !


Hey guy’s been working on this idea for the background… im torn between either having an evil priest or a monk like robed figure where you cn only see his jaw and hands ?

What do you guy’s think ?.. or is it alittle too much for one picture ?