Spectacular 3D Entry: Eddie Ellis


That’s… disturbing.


why thank-you


Disturbing ? for sure, but terribly original nightmare… :smiley:

Congratulations to the Father… Eddie ? :thumbsup:


I’m well and truely out of my comfort zone when i view your last update, which is a good thing, it takes great skill to achieve good horror without being overkill. Keep up the great work Eddie.


Eddie, Eddie…it’s a cool stuff man! I see you well realizing that idea! Fine expressions. “HOT” topic. expressive theme. Just keep rockin! Only crit: moms face looks flat a bit. The baby’s face looks very well rounded, but mom’s face is not as rounded. Its not too important but moms face is seen a below viewpont. Personal taste you know. Go on your own way :buttrock:



Make some bumpmaps, dude. Maybe there some truth in (o)ne’s words? HEHEHE:twisted:


absolutly great eddiee, wierd and :applause: :applause: .
have a great evening and dont get to close to your son mate.you never now what can happen.
see you and :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Hey Guy’s, put some hair and alittle work on the bump map today…

I have to admit its starting to gross me out alittle… which is something that doesn;t happen allot to me… lol


Lemog : thanks man… im sure its not an image that comes to many peoples mind

handlebar : Cheers dude, im glad you like it, and the comfort zone is a thing of the past i think… lol

Tremoside : Hey buddy, i know what your saying, but hopefully that will be fixed when i start to texture the face, but im having alittle trouble with it at the mo, as everytime i put some colour in it, she looks like a cheap hooker…lol

suk-grigorij : there you go my friend, some bumps for you

alex.h. : cheers buddy and thanks for dropping by


hahaha, but good work man! it’s looking beautifully ugly :scream: haha


Cheers man, im going for Beautifully disturbing


It’s sure… and you give us an another proof with your last update… I can’t imagine more… :scream: :thumbsup:


Oh my, now that is getting nasty. How about some glistening slime?


ouuuuhhhhh, well i have let to do the blood, so watch this space… slime… and you think im disturbed… llol


lol that is sick!!


This image just made my day - you need help man! Although not with your modeling skills I might point out.

Congrats on a totally unique concept, how about a devil father fainting in the background?

This is gonna be a classic!


Hey Swamps… thanks man… been thinking about the background for the last couple of days… and to be honest the only thing i liked the idea of is a really dank room and a beaten up blood stained cot in the distance.

Any thoughts ?


Yeah maybe… How about several sinister looking forms standing in the background? You wouldn’t have to model much as they’d be more effective in shadow (or maybe they are shadows), just their prescence would be really creepy - like they’re some evil devil types witnessing the birth of the anti-christ or something. Could be really spooky…


oooohhhhh, im liking that idea


…and the kid should be looking at the camera and giving the finger! :smiley: