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Latest Update: Final Image: Birth (The Demon King)

Hey Guy’s the title of my Image is called “Birth (The Demon King)”.

I haven’t really got a backstory for this image, but i would like to give you the reasons why i choose to do it for the challange.

a Couple of day’s before the challenge started i became the proud father of a bouncing baby boy. When the challenge was annouced i read the instructions which asked us all to produce an image that depicted a moment or event in time that was spectactular. Which made me think of what was the most spectacular moment in my life, which funnily enough was a couple of days previous when i watch my Son being born.
A futher description in the challenge was to produce an image that would excite and sicken the viewer at the same time, i took this litrally and thought what would be the best thing i could do to show the spectular event of birth, but in just a way that would bring allot of controvicy and make the image talked about for along time after. I was reminded of something Goerge A Romero said in an interview which was “why cut the camera away at all the good bits, its what the vewier wants to see weather say it or not”.

These were the reason why i decided to do such a image, plus the fact i love to shock people…

Highres Version at www.ellipages.co.uk/artwork/spectacularhigh.jpg


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Due to the recent Birth of my Son, i decided to do this image.

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• WELCOME again mr. Eddie! cool to meet u one more time! now, LET’S PARTY! :beer: