Spectacular 3D Entry: Daniel Lovas


knock, knock? :shrug:

knock knock knocking on heaven’s doors! :beer: :twisted:


Hi! Just checking how you’re doing… Nice progress… I like the concept! :thumbsup:


Looking forward to the final!


whas up mano. long time no see.update ya work man. love to see it.chill


This is not the final image yet. I still have to replace the temporary flying vehicles (already prepared in different file), add a lot of details, some clouds (definitely not the initial overclouded skies!) and a couple of objects. I have got still 22 hours to go - and that should be enough.

Due to the unexpected amounts of regular work I haven’t managed to prepare the illustration exactly according to the original idea, especially the foreground and the detailing. Anyway I think I’ll have a decent-looking illustrations a couple of hours before the midnight - suitable for the competition here.

After the Spectacular deadline closes I’ll continue with the work on the second version of the illustration, till I’m satisfied with it (I guess I’d need another week or two to reach the concept that I had imagined.)

Thanks to all of you who gave me useful feedback here! I’ll be back with the final version later.


Hey Daniel,

Nice looking image so far, the added details you talked about should bring more interest to the image. Good luck with the deadline.


The Mira system is a binary star system, consisting of one hot white dwarf and one cold red giant star. Both stars rotate about their common gravity centre, close to each other and five planets rotate around them. One of them is a gasseous planet G’geel. One of its moons hosts, besides its dominant life form, the giant bat-like flying reptiles, a mining colony, founded by members of the Thegg race. On another G’geel’s moon there’s a large Thegg city.

This postcard depicts a spectacular sunrise as seen from the minig colony. Both moons are at the moment at a close distance to each other and at the right side of the G’geel planet so that both the planet and the moon can be seen above the horizon, close to the suns.


Hey Daniel,

Congrats on finishing this image , it is a stunning image:thumbsup: . Good luck.


mmoir, thank you! I managed to finish it and upload it half an hour before the deadline.

As I said, due to regular work I was not able to do all the detailing and texturing etc. as I intended, so I’m planning to do another version of the image for my own reference/pleasure later.


Good luck from me as well!

(Držim pesti zate)



Thank you.

(Hehe, glede na to, da se zadeva ni odvila, kot sem pričakoval, in glede na kakovostno udeležbo, mislim, da ni za se bati, da bom kaj zadel. Sam sem predvsem vesel, da sem se tokrat sploh udeležil. Hvala vseen za lepe želje :slight_smile: Se bereva / slišiva pa upam tud dobiva ob kakšni pijači.)


yay! u made it! congratulations man, I was affraid for a moment that u’ll once again have too much projects for ur clients, but what a relief now :smiley: Im missing one spaceship or something in the first plan entering the image so it would be easier for the viewer to travel thru the pic and the pic itself would be even a bit more dynamic. However, the image looks brilliant the way it is as well and I must say that its one of the best I’ve seen from u till now (damn… Im really missing something more dynamic in here :slight_smile: even something smaller … in the first plan… donno) good luck buddy!


Ninja thank you and I agree with your suggestion. As I said, this is the CG Challenge version and the work on the illustration goes on :).


sej ne bom, bom pa lepo dokončal kkr sem mel v mislih, pa pol objavu. Zmatralo me je delo samo ob vikendih, ker nisem mel PC-ja čez teden :smiley:

Good luck :thumbsup:


Hi! Very nice work. Too bad u couldn’t bring in all the details b4 the deadline. but congratulations cos what u have here is really looking great. Hope to see scene updated with more details soon :slight_smile:



(študentski lajf, huh? Poznamo, poznamo… No, komaj čakam, da vidim, kako se bo zadeva razvila :cool: )


Thank you, man. Already working on. The quality of the sent work in both the 3D and 2D sections is impressive, though!


I was wondering when you were going to show up :beer:
Very nice image :wink: :thumbsup:


nemirc, thanks for dropping by!


congratulations for finish:scream:


Hey, great scene Big D. Very good work! Good luck.