Spectacular 3D Entry: Daniel Lovas


nice details in the building you have, and good render:thumbsup:


Textures and colors look great :slight_smile:
Waiting to see more:thumbsup:


Very nice color mapping. The color mapping seems to be of a metal material but the specular seems to be of a stone/concrete. Just thought I’d through that out there as I love the color map and I know it’s early :slight_smile:


The texturing is coming on well. I look forward to seeing the sky background behind the building; the colours seem to match up nicely.


Thank you all who commented from the last update till now.

You’re right, I better hurry since there’s only 50 or some days left to deadline and I still have a lot of work on the scene.

@ plumMet:
that was actually my intention, to create an exotic material that would invoke associations both at concrete and metal. I must be carefull, though: if a material is too “exotic” it may appear unnatural and non-convincing. Most of that will be lost behind a good ammount of fog and haze, anyway… So there’s not much sense in going deep into materials of the main object right now - I’d better hurry up with the rest of the scene and eventually add some final touches later if there’d be still some time left. The foreground will be the main “material playground”:slight_smile:

@ all:
I’ll be back here probably tomorrow, with an update of the whole scene…


Very nice!
Have you got plain idea how to make that buildings looks BIG? I mean, if something is too far and so big its still kinda out of focus. From this pict, that building looks small. And that “WOW” effect is very necessary for you - from my point of view. Try to make little test with background.
And the MOONCITY is great! :thumbsup:

have fun!


cool work there Big D

nice modeling the futuristic object! and cool texturing there mate!
cheers and waiting for more !! :bounce: :bounce: !


nice concept, nice modeling, and it is evolving in the right direction.
vlk sreče :thumbsup:


Very outstanding theme and Model, Keep it up:thumbsup:


Being busy these days with the regular work. Nevertheless I managed to do a couple of things:

-The camera tilt is changed to straight horizontal and the lens shift option used in order to correct the “falling” perspective lines and still have the horizon line low.

-The presumably final lighting setup for the scene is made. It will still need some adjustments for the foreground later.

-I’m not satisfied with the clouds, so I temporarily turned them off. I’ll see later in the final stage what to do about them as there’s already too many elements on the sky and it is difficult to create a good composition. The scene seems rather “spectacular” even without them i.e. too much clouds seem to be rather distractive than useful for the purpose in this case. The clouds situation will be decided later, when the rest of the scene is complete.

-some experimental terrain added by deforming a plane with a grey bitmap, i.e. by “painting” the hills in the excellent texturing module of Cinema 4D (users of other 3D programs know it as a separate texturing software, Bodypaint 3D…) . The terrain texture is not yet final and is still far from good. I’ll give it some more attention later.

-some details of the main building added, mainly windows etc.

As it seems in the next couple of weeks I’ll hopefully have less regular work so’ll hurry up with the rest of the scene. The foreground will be most demanding and I don’t want to find myself in the situation that I’m unable to do it properly.

Thanks to all of you people who are following this project and who help me with your opinions and encourage me!


comming along very nice. I dig the changes you have made and have to say no crit’s. can’t wait for what you have in store for the foreground. keep going!:bounce:


Nice. Look good.


Very nice, I like these space scenes, it makes me travel so far far away. Congrats man, nothing to crit, beautiful colors and models.


Hey man! :wavey:

You have 2 suns? That’s a good idea but the red big one looks like it’s either too big or too close… besides it looks like it’s about to explode :blush: . The fact that it has Saturn 2 right next to it makes it even weirder :curious:

Just my two cents :wink:

As for the rest of the environment, it looks very cool :wink:


Nice work.

-I’m not satisfied with the clouds, so I temporarily turned them off.

I think the composition looks a lot better with out the clouds; it’s a lot less cluttered. That’s not to say they shouldn’t be there in the final version though.:slight_smile:


that’s great, cant wait to see the final image!


wow:eek: beautiful picture!, the escenary is just great:thumbsup:


I know that you want big huge city horizon, but your last update looks spectacular as well. Huge construction in the middle of nowhere. Nice work so far :thumbsup:


Heya, buddy! I’ve finally took the time (and a bit of courage as well), to give you some comments, as you asked. I’ve checked all the pictures you posted, but only a last image I shall say some humble words about for now.

I’m quite impressed about your work, as I’ve always been, even. Positioning of the elements seems nice; I know you are master of this. Maybe it looks a bit too technical; this is strictly my opinion, but I like the images that are not hundred percent precise. It gives them life, “žmoht” (Ye know what I mean, don’t you?). Please, take this only as my opinion, cause I know your views at the all thing are most probably different: What about adding very small, weary character, that is impressed by the magnificent structure? Maybe it would ruin all the picture:blush: I don’t know. But I know for my self that I would most probably think about that at the very beginning.
I really like your picture, even without all this mine rubbish, and I wish you a good luck. I hope we shall meet soon, indeed.
A boš ti mogoče pogledal kaj mojo sliko? Res bi rad tvoje mnenje :wink:



I like your tower, your univer!

But, I thing it misses a forground… We want see the human’s life in your tower.

good job