Spectacular 3D Entry: Daniel Lovas


Hi! I like your idea very much! And I think maybe to add one more source of light or sun (another colour) so as to light up the city in front?
Good luck!


Atris, thank you for the suggestion. Actually I already thought about that option, but later I decided that both stars should be on the same side of the sky globe, close to each other. The distance between the actual two stars in the actual Mira binary system is approximately the distance between the Mars and the Sun, and one of them is huge - so I doubt that a Saturn-size gas giant with its moons would circle in between them without being shredded to pieces by gravity. It is much more probable, that planets in such a binary system would circle around the common gravity center of the two stars. So the stars would appear on the same part of the sky globe and close to each other to an observer on one of the planets or moons. That’s why I decided to use only GI generated by the sky texture for lighting the shadows… it seems to be quite enough, thouh - especially considering the fact that shadowed parts of the building will feature lit windows etc.


Somre really cool architecture and environment! I will follow this with interest - good luck :thumbsup:


Spectacular!!! I really like the main building. And your sketch is a good source of inspiration. Keep it up!!


@ Gunilla & Weider:

Thank you both for your good wishes and your time. I’m currently working on the smaller buildings surrounding the main one. I’ll probably have an update here next week…


hi Big D! I really like it. No special crits at the moment coz u know I dont have a clue about 3d so I’ll be more helpfull at the end I hope, commenting overall feeling of the image. At this point I would just like to say that it looks a bit unstable, as if the building will fall to the right any minute, and that bothers me a bit. keep up the great work buddy!


Very inspiring! Spectacularly calming effect.


Waiting for more updates! :smiley:


This image is very interesting, great job.


Hi there Big D,

since we both are doing a Cityscape picture i just had to write. I think your comp. looks ok so far, but i need sometihng in the front to make the city look as huge as you want it to be. I know at this point there still alot to do and as you said yourself detailing will come later. I think it would be really nice to get more life and dynamic in the picture, flying objects and so on. But i guess you have thought all that thrue…

Well, iam gonna follow your thread, maybe we can help each other out…



looking Great!:thumbsup: the backgrounds very realistic. I think you should make some of the smaller buildings taller to make the big tower look a little more realistic. Maybe add some futuristic high-ways inbetween the buildings, and have one that extends to the to the front of you camera to show the city’s size. keep going!:bounce:


@ suk-grigorij: well, some of the planned detailing of the main building are still missing. We mustn’t forget that the final image will have resolution of some 3000 px or so along the longer side - so some more intense detailing is both a blessing and a penance :)…

I’m agree with you.


hey man great atmosphere and very cool escene:thumbsup:


@ NinjaASSN:
Hi to you, buddy, as well! Glad to see you again in this thread. Thank you for the comment, I agree with you. The problem lies in too wide angle of the camera combined with its tilt.
Photographers use special, expensive (“shift”) lenses to correct that when they don’t want it (for example when photographing architecture). Or the function in Photoshop. Luckily, the 3D program that I’m using (Cinema 4D) has got the function built in. I’ll use it on the final render (unless I find out that the corrected image looks less spectacular, that is…).
(Stari, če slučajno pobereva kakšno nagrado - v mojem primeru sicer skrajnje neverjetno, hehe -, to bo treba res primerno proslavit :slight_smile: )

@ pluMmet, nemirc, banzato and melkao:
Thanks for your comments, glad you’re satisfied so far…

@ larsgehrt:
Glad to see you here. Thank you for your suggestions. As I said, the foreground will be quite a bit detailed and there will be flying vehicles as well. I’ll work on it in the final stages.

@ P&P:
Thank you as well. The idea of a motorway from the middle ground up to the front is excellent and I might try to implement something like that.

@ tavarish Sukhov:


I changed the moon city texture to something more convincing. The previous one was temporary and didn’t have the desired look - it looked more like a crater impact. I hope the improved version is better i.e. more convincing.


I think it was worth changing the mooncity texture, it’s much more of an eyecather now :slight_smile:
and it makes the viewer speculate about why there are those rings, maybe some kind of airports?.. :slight_smile:


Very good effect! It looks like Coruscant lite :wink:


Thank you both for your comments. Nemirc, I won’t deny that there are some distant similarities, I’m trying to learn from the best in the business:) . Yet I have no intention of copying other people’s work or ideas, of course. The fact is, an enormous megacity would (probably) look something like that from space - so some similarities (or even better, asocciations) with other sci-fi work featuring a similar situation are unavoidable…:slight_smile:


Working on the basic texturing of the main object and at the same time adding minor geometry details…


The textures on the building is great-lets see more.