Spectacular 3D Entry: Chih-Han Hsu


That’s so awesome, man:bounce: …You deserve it!..

:applause: CONGRATULATIONS !!!:applause:


damn that is asome
serious skills you got there man


INDEED. :thumbsup:
Congrats man. :bounce:



Congrats on your placing , your image was great and see you in the next challenge.


Lemog: Thanks you soo much, i’ll do my best to continue hehe :smiley:
Rebeccak: Thanks you, best of luck to the CGWorkshop, i think your knowledge of anatomy is amazing
Gunilla: Nice to see ya man, ta for the congrats, I’m very happy with the limited time i had :smiley: hope to see ya again in future challenges :thumbsup:
monsitj: Thanks man, best of luck with you, i checked out the site of your work place the other day, some talented people you work with i was very impressed, congrats to you too again
Staszek: thanks, yep looks like i’ll have to try find tome to do the next challenge now hehe, cya
Tranchefeux: Ta, yep think i’ll have fun with the prize :smiley:
Maxter: thanks man, nice to see ya, we’ll prob meet again in next challenge, cya
chemical-nos: Thanks you, hehe i’m alright still working on it :slight_smile:
DimitrisLiatsos: Hey man, how’s it going, thanks for the congrats, i’m very happy
mmoir: thanks man, yep we’ll prob meet again in next challenge, cya


Congrats man. A really stunning image. It really leaves me wondering who will prevail, the whale or the men. I love images that leave me hanging like that. Great work.


a great pay for a great piece!


Novacaine: thanks you :slight_smile: i’m very happy that my image has such affects
Climax: thanks, yep i’ll be sure to enjoy the prize :smiley:


hello ,
I really enjoyed watching this , fantastic colors , i guess it will be my wallpaper for while .thanks


very nice …good luck.


hellmr: Thanks mans, sorry for the late reply, wow people using my pic as wallpaper that’s so cool :slight_smile: thanks again
goulei: thanks man, the competition is over by now though, i got 2nd runner up, i was so happy, but you’re good luck message will come in handy still, ta.


Wow! very nice… execellent level of detail… just like real image
Furqan Qidwai
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