Spectacular 3D Entry: Chih-Han Hsu



This is realy awesome work. absolut stunning!

I just can imagine a movie poster 4 a new upcoming “MOBY DICK” movie! :wink:

Great work and my one of my favorites in this challenge!
:beer: Alex


Really a spectacular work… I love the colors of your images.
Congratulations for your impressive work !


amazing work!!! really spectacular!! the best luck for you!:beer:


Congratulation for the Great Work. :thumbsup:

This is one of my favorites. Really Spetacular :applause:


Really nice, image here dude, there is a lot of action in this, best of luck to you in the judging!


Thats a great moby dick style scene man :thumbsup: , Dont ever wanted to be in this boat :scream:
Fine work here :slight_smile: Congrats and best luck mate


I VOTED THAT YOU WOULD WIN THE CHALLENGE. Your work is impressive. :slight_smile: Maybe next time I would do something better like yours hehehe congratulations. Mine got busted maybe because i haven’t read the instructions clearly. I was just in a hurry…We’ll better luck next time for me…heheheh


Grin3d, vampeta, jddog, Smooth-Criminal, JR.BRAZ, beelow, rept0r, dunkinjonats: thank you very much for the support guys :slight_smile: i’m very happy to hear the positive repose to my work, make all the hard work worth while :smiley: i hope everyone enjoyed the challenge and happy resting after the finishing:applause:


There was some interest in the methods involved in my water splashes, so I decided to write a little explanation for those interested. It’s nothing fancy but i hope some will find it helpful :slight_smile:

The splashes in the image consisted of 3d renders, photos I took of real water and painted details.

For the 3d splashes I created in zbrush, I made a around 20ish variations and composited them into the scene; the lighting were kept in the same so the composite will look natural. The following explains the steps in zb that I used to make the blobby splash look:

  1. I create a plane with enough divisions to mask out fine details like water drops.
  2. I then masked out the water drops, either by applying an image rough water then using the image intensity as a mask or just painting the mask directly.
  3. I then hid the unmasked polys
  4. Following, I deleted the lower res sdivs, and then deleted the hidden polys
  5. I now store a morph target of this, inflate the geometry then use the “create difference mesh” function to make a sorta extruded look of our splash geometry.
  6. At this stage you can pull the water drops around with the move tool to give it a more natural look, rather then it all sitting flat on a plane. I also like to give it a smooth or inflate to my likes.
  7. As you can see it still looks sorta stiff and un-blobby. To make it blobby, I create a unified mesh from the current geometry. This usually gives a more averaged out and smooth look.
  8. And finally I like to give it a bit more unevenness by drawing some over the geometry randomly to give the water a bit more fluid appearance.

I created many versions of this, shaded and rendered in max for the composite.
Some splashes like the water surface surrounding the whale and some splashes around the boat were rendered with the scene to at least have some water interact more believable. I also rendered some water with transparent and refracted shades as well as a white foamy version so I can decide the balance of foaminess later in Photoshop.

For the 2d side of the water I took some photos of splashes form a local water fountain. These pictures were taken from a high shutter speed so I get minimal blurriness. The following shows the steps I did to add splashes form the photos to my composite:

  1. Grab a copy of one of the channels, and then adjust the levels until you have the desired fineness of your splash.
  2. Load the selection from the channel then fill it with white over your composite.

This method only worked for my case cos the splashes are generally white, otherwise it could look a bit flat.

For the painted details I simply painted streaks of waters on the whale by eye.
Although I would have like to create the image fully with 3d elements but as time was running short I decided to go for a more hybrid approach, and I think I’m quite happy with the result.

I hope my explanations are helpful and please feel free to ask questions if I didn’t describe my steps clearly.


This entry will definately make a big splash in the Spectacular Challenge! Very well done. :thumbsup:


This definitely deserves an award. Congrats on finishing this piece, and good luck!

This also reminds me of Moby Dick! :wink:


webhead: thanks, big splash :slight_smile: that’ll be great, i’m glad you like it.
Loulu79: i’m very happy, thanks for your comments :smiley:


Mary Christmas my Friend!
have sonme nice Holidays :beer:


WOOHOO!!! I got 2nd runner up :applause: i’m so happy!! There’s so many amazing works in this challenge that just blow my mind, I’m so happy to be a part of this and much much thanks to the people who gave me the useful feedbacks. I still can’t believe it, does this mean i get a nice cgtalk logo next to my name :slight_smile: hehe


Congratulations mate for you success… your fantastic piece desserved it…

You’re a very spectacular guy :thumbsup: continue like that :slight_smile:


Congratulations on an awesome piece! :slight_smile:




A big congrats to you Chi-Han! You made an amazing job especially since you had limited time for it. I’m so happy for you - you must be very proud of this, good luck! :thumbsup:


Congrats dude! I already know the result when you post your final image ! hehehe
good job man! see you


Congratulations!! I belive we can see at next challange!! :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Hi, Congratulation for your price and your great image.
E.T :cool: