Spectacular 3D Entry: Chih-Han Hsu


Awesome final image :eek:

I liked alot your explanation about water techniques, this is a wise approach to not render millions of polys :thumbsup:

Good luck for the final voting :bounce:


i liked the colors and the composition.nice work:thumbsup: best of luck:thumbsup:


Ok Chih-Han Hsu… I’m speechless.
I just love your image. What a spectacular work my friend. Congratulations.


Wow!! That is just wonderful!

Congratulations for finish.

Good luck.:thumbsup:


hi hhssuu … an incredible image man! :bounce: :bounce: congratulations !
cheers and goodluck man!



Awsome work, very nice color and compositing, i really like effect of the water, however i dont like to much shader of the people. (plastic) , maybe they should be splash by the water :wink:

anyway great work !! :slight_smile:



wheyaahh Chih-Han Hsu… Congratulations for finishing this beauty mate:thumbsup:

You’ve knocked out another stunning piece and again, you’ve made it look really easy along the way… Rock on mate:buttrock: Good luck with the jury


Impressive and really spectacular final image, love the mood and render, you’ve done a great work. Look like an old painting !! Good luck for vote! :beer:


Hi chih, i’m impressive with your job mate, really amazing and espectacular. congratulations :applause:


wow is really spectacular…congratulations:)


This is honestly a masterpiece. Incredible execution and storytelling with this picture.


Great Image you got there!



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Digital Amigos: hehe yer i don’t like the plastic looking people myself too, i wish i had time to rerender :slight_smile: anyway i’m glad you liked the other aspects of the image. thanks for visiting :slight_smile:


Wow very spectacular and beautiful picture. Great stuff! Good luck for the judging!! :applause: :thumbsup:


:thumbsup: o yes! that’s really spectacular! love the water effect! good compositing, well done hhssuu!

best luck!


nice pic coool atmosphere


Hi man.

Want to congrat on one of the best cought spectacular images I’VE SEEN HERE.
This is my favorite pal.
U have great sence for making inspiring art.
Holding my thumbs.
AIR out.



fantastic realisation of the theme… you got my vote!!!:thumbsup:


thierry2005: thanks man, your entry i amazing, i’m glad you like it, best of luck to you too :slight_smile:
3dmiao: thank you, a few people have asked about the water, i’ll prob do up a little explaintion on the water over the weekend for people who are interested, it’s nothing special though sorta a 2.5d effort.
tomas slobodnik: thanks man :slight_smile:
A I R: wow i’m very happy my image is your favourate :smiley: your entry is very impressive to me, are you going to finish? it’s due in like one hour or something… best of lucks to you if you’re still entering:thumbsup:
theuni: thanks mate :slight_smile:


:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
Awesome work, man ! One of my favourite images !
That’s what I call spectacular !
Excellent, impressive :slight_smile:
Congratulations !

Roman /Grin3d