Spectacular 3D Entry: Chih-Han Hsu


Yoinks this is looking stunning mate… Good luck beating the clock!


M@: thanks for the suggestion man, i added some more splashes, hope you like it :slight_smile:

mmoir, gunilla and DaddyMack: Thanks for checking out my thread guys, i’ll get busy and finish off now, hope you’ll like the final image

Ok i’ve added most of the splashes in now, there’s a mix between cg splashes and some splash photos i took at a fountain. i made some colour corrections around the place.

Next i will paint in some streams that flow off the whale from the head and teeth then i should be pretty close.

i better get busy, feel free to comments :slight_smile:


That looks cool ,almost finnished and good luck.


Incredible, unbelievable… I have no words; Realistic and illustrative in the same time. Emotion…Colors…Light and shadows.

I just can cry fotr this picture. Hope you’ll win.


Very cool man, its really come together. The only thing that doesn’t hold up to my eyes is the rowing guys. The two standing guys look great, but to me the rowers look much less stylish and believable. Short of re-modeling, texturing and posing in the one remaining day, I’d suggest maybe darkening or desaturating those figures so that they don’t draw the viewers focus. Or, nothing wrong with trying super cheap techniques like overlaying a texture or another image to get a bit more interest in the offending area, or even a 2d warp with photoshop liquify could work nicely. Nice work anyway!


WOw! very nice ! and good technic ! glad you share here! and can you explain more about water texture? is it image or something? but not now , just finish it , I can wait , heheh
your image looking great ! but some point if you have time is big whale is look dry , maybe you can add a layer of thin surface to represent the water drop that on the big whale surface !:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


SONIC-X: thanks man!
authentic: hehe it’s prob not as cool as you decribed it :slight_smile: thanks a lot i’m glad you like it.
gjpetch: yer too true, i’ve been staring at the sailors for the last couple of days, i’m sorta trying to fix it in photoshop atm cos rendering is prob to time consuming atm, i wish i could rerender though :(. Anyway give what you said a go, thanks for the suggestions.


monsitj: thanks, wow, glad you like my techniques :slight_smile: the water is a mix between cg rendered water and photo, compisited in photoshop, nothing tricky really, i’ll explain after i finish if you like :).

I took your advice and added more water fro the whales body, and did more clean up.

Should be near finish now…

comments are most welcome :slight_smile:


Title: Leviathan

My image depicts a spectacular whale hunting scene. Following the lines of “excites and scares at the same time” I thought a traditional whale hunt would be the perfect topic. It seemed impressive to me that man would risk their lives taking on massive powers of giant whales in extreme weather conditions. With my image I tried to capture a moment of great danger and the bravery of the traditional whalers.


a really[color=mediumturquoise] spectacular scene…[/color] :bounce:


Oh, very good final! Great concept and execution right there!



awesome scene… sorry I missed your thread. Truely magnificent!


ultra -spectacular image super good execution here… congrats !! this very beautiful:buttrock: :applause:


wow, good luck to those guys :slight_smile:
anyway, really spectacular!!


Hey Chi-han,

Congrats on finishing this, it is an excellent image all round. :thumbsup: :bounce: :bounce: :thumbsup: . Great job on this Spectacular image.


That´s a big fish, yes sir!:smiley: Good luck with your work!:thumbsup:


Now this just rocks!



Ahhh! This is just beautiful, just as I knew it would be… -[b] congrats!



Yeah, when I first saw your concept I loved it. Nicely done.


Great work! well done in every aspect :slight_smile: