Spectacular 3D Entry: Chih-Han Hsu


Do your best to finish - and next time, try a smaller scene. I never know in advance how much free ime I will have for this, that’s why I do manageble scenes… this time I almost wish I had done something bigger since I’ve ended up having more time than usual.
So, just keep working and you’ll get there! :thumbsup:



The boat model is looking extremely well done and the textures are great too.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: Now , the character model is fabulous too, very detailed and very accurate as far as I can tell. Good luck with this.


Thanks for the previous replies guys. I haven’t posted for a while, being doing only little by little after work. I’m sorta just trying to get it done in time and not being pick now. For the character models i quickly zbrushed some clothing and painted them quickly since they will only be small and placed them in the scene. Fot the splashes i made around 10 variations in zb and placed them around the boat and whale. I will later render them seperatly so i can add more in photoshop in post. I think i’m gonna need a lot of post to get this looking ok :slight_smile: Comments are most welcome.


Wow. I didn’t see this thread before. It’s a success. Like the composition really. My only advice : hurry up there(s no time more. I want to see it finished.


This is a little colour check with the texture of the whale, most things have textures now although not all that good but should look ok in the composite. Anyway i corrected a bit more of the lighting. I will spend saterday on rendering and sunday composite and monday fixups then submit… nearly there… comments are most welcome :slight_smile:


authentic: thanks man, i’m very happy you like it :slight_smile: thanks for the advice, your too right time is running out i gotta get my act together for the final dash, congrate on your finish, cya at the finishline :thumbsup:


Hey Chi-han,

The composition looks great, the whale is really imposing in this image:thumbsup: :thumbsup: , I am looking forward to the final image. Good luck to the finish line.


Looking real nice there hhssuu. Is this the actual composition or a framed detail shot? If it is the actual composition I suggest you add a lot more negative space above the whale; as is it is screaming for a more vertical negative space. I f I remember from your concept it had more space right? anyway it is coming along quite well.


Hi there! I’m glad to see you’re back on this. The whale looks really impressive - so does the fishing team. Good luck for completion - looking forward to see it fully renderd :thumbsup: :wip:


Impressive scene… spectacular…
Beatiful texture and lights… waitng to see more up-dates, until now nothig to crit.
A very powerfull image :applause:


very good job so far Hsu! I like the color , lighting , I think it will be wonderful when you add the sea surface! your schedule seem to be tight ! maybe you should beware the last day traffic while upload file ! good luck man!


Heya mate… make a mighty dash, this is killer:buttrock:

May the force be with you


mmoir & Gunilla: thanks man, i do my best to finish :thumbsup: best of luck with your entry too
SNoWs: thanks for your comments, um this is actually the final composition :frowning: i had a look at other composition and this one’s sorta the one i liked better. I’m very thankfull for your advice but unfortuantely i don’t think i have anytime to reagrange compositions anymore. I hope you will like the final image though :slight_smile:
jddog & monsitj & DaddyMack: thank you guys, yer the schedual is very tight, i do my final charge now… RAHHH~~~

I’ll be doing my rendering today, i’ll split up my image into multiple rendering and render out seperate elements, i will also renderout a image with material ids for easier compositing. For the splashes i will render some within the scene as well as seperate splashs so i can add more in photoshop without too much stress on my computer. My lighting is kept simple with one key light (sun) and a slight blue back light (acts like fill light, though i’ll add a bit of blue to suggest reflections from the water surface), then i render an ambient occlusion pass with mental ray then composite.

Ok i hurry on to my renders now! thanks for the replies:)


Nice progress and concept! This looking good so far. Goodluck! hope u will finish!:thumbsup:


Woooow Chih-Han Hsu, this looks so great… I love your whale, and the dynamics of your image it’s just incredible, come on friend… finish this quicky!


ok rendering is finished now, i basically rendered all the objects ina a seperate layer and have the element passes seperate as well, i also rendered a material id (for isolating selections) and an ambient occlusion pass to get a bit og GI feel.

A more complete composite and post effects is on the way…

Dogreas3d and claudio jordao: thanks guys, nearly finished now, i hope you’ll like the final image too :slight_smile: and best of luck to you guys also


Here’s how i rendered my water surface, i basically rendered a procedual water- looking shader on my surface and then rendered a seperate pass with a texture i put together with wave bubbles and sea water tones. Then i put the texture layer over the procedual layer with linear dodge and colour lodge in various levels and played with saturations until i was happy.

I rendered bits and pieces of water splashes and placed them with the same lighting of the scene. I will used them to add more water splashes in the scene so i wouldn’t need to have a huge max file that would not render.

comments are most welcome.

ok i gotta goto work now, i hope to finish the final tonight and submit :slight_smile:


oh great! very nice idea and execution. The water spalsh around the whale doesn’t look very realistic though, at this scale it should be smaller water drops and more foamy! grab some ref, easy to find on google … (type whale jump or something…)



This scene is coming together nicely, the water is looking excellent:thumbsup: . Good luck to the finish line.


Yeah - good luck for the final steps, you’re almost there now :thumbsup: