Spectacular 3D Entry: Chih-Han Hsu


Hi, i’ve done some more on the whale this weekend. I decided to add the details in zbrush to use as desplacement maps, the texturing is on the way (looks a bit sketchy atm) and i’ll add bump maps on top of hte displacement too. Cos the whale is pretty big on the picture i hope to make sure there’s enough detail. Anyway, feel free to comment.

… still behind schedual… try to catch up soon…


Hi Chi-han,

I don’t know my whale anatomy but this looks very good:thumbsup: . Nice job so far and keep plugging away .


hey man,
thanks for checkin out my entry!

Nice concept and idea.
Have fun & Find luck!:smiley:


Hey Chih-Han very nice model… i’m looking forward to see your wip:thumbsup:


Marvelous work hhssuu, I’m anxious to see your whale in the water.


Sorry i forgot to reply to after my previous post too :slight_smile: i reply them now.

monsitj and Gunilla and mmoir:thanks, yer slow start, hopefully things go smooth and i get it done. Thanks for visiting :slight_smile:

mmoir: yer the sperm whale anatomy is kinda weird but i like the details in it and it’s the bigges whale with teeth so i chose this whale.

tuck: thanks for visiting mine :smiley: look forward to checking yours out soon.

Maxter and claudio_jordao: thanks man, i’ll do my best to update soon.


Sorry i haven’t posted for a little while, I sorta gave the whale a rest and started on the boat. Fairly simple model with a many little parts stuck on it. Still to add the harpoons, the sail and many little buckets and tools. The boat looks a bit clean atm, will be adding rough wood grains etc with bump maps in zbrush.

C&C are most welcome :slight_smile:


wow , nice boat man! good modeling job so far!


Here’s a simple model I did up to zbrush, i’m basically going to do up a Universal whaler in zb, then i will pose the sdiv1 mesh in max to change the model form in zb then make changes on each model for my whalers. Just the basic mesh to show atm, i aslo UV maped this dud so i can texture in zb. Feel free to comment :slight_smile:


I love your modeling skills… you make it look so easy!
The boat have very nice lines and the lowpoly human is looking good too - can’t wait to see what you do with Zbrush. :thumbsup:


monsitj: Thanks man, still got a long way to go :slight_smile:

gunilla: Thanks man, my modelling skills are “ok” still like to improve, as we all do :slight_smile: thanks for visiting

Hello, here’s the complete model of the boat (i think), i’ve just started to texture it. It should have enough detail to hold up in the image (the boat will not take up too much space). Feel free to comment thanks for visiting.


hi man, your work its very interesting, the models look great, i hope you´ll get the time to finish, good luck.


Here’s a little bit of modeling on the universal whaler, not much really, C&C are welcome.


Hi no time no update :), i did a rush job texturing the boat over the weekend, it’s a bit rough at some areas but should hold up for the size on the image, it’s got no shading on it yet just a plain defuse. Comments are most welcome.


This is a bit model zb on the whaler, still far from correct, and the hands and foot and face are still “blurry”, comments are most welcome :slight_smile:


nice anatomy! for me it’s not far from correct!:cool::cool: good job Hsu!


monsitj: thanks man, my thread is so quite good to see you still replying :slight_smile: i’ll keep working to have new updates soon.


Nice modeling work chih-han, good progress on it:thumbsup:


Very good updates! I’m especially fond of your boat texturing… really nice. And now, go, go, go - there is not much time left :wip:


Maxter: thanks man :slight_smile:
Gunilla: hehe thanks, i did quite a rush job good to hear you like it :slight_smile: yer time is running short, i’m not sure if i can finish as well i would like to but i try finish it :slight_smile: your entry is always good managible size i should learn from you and not stress myself out trying to do too much :smiley: