Spectacular 3D Entry: Chih-Han Hsu


Whoa that’s possibly one of the best concept sketches in this challenge! Very well thought out and concieved, it should make realising this piece a lot easier. Ocean’s a real nightmare for people like me… But you should have no problem!



nice, looking forward the progress on this one!


Great concept sketch hhssuu

Looks wonderful:thumbsup:


ChrisThatGuy: yeah nice suggestion, i’m not totally sure about the composition and details yet, i will do a few more sketches and play with your idea, thanks :thumbsup:

gardogg: thanks dude!

mmoir: lol i haven’t really checked out a lot of the entries yet :slight_smile: lucky mine is a dangerous whale hunt thingy and the other guy is a more plesent whale perfomance. Hopefully both entries will look spectacular :slight_smile:

gardogg, Gunilla, Yongkiat, keetmun, SNoWs and Maxter: thanks guys, i’m very glad you like it. It’s gonna be a big challenge tachnically and lots of modelling and rendering… should be fun. I hope i can finish it :slight_smile:

anyway i’m still using max, i don’t think i can do decent in maya yet, i’m just gonna try learn zBrush with this challenge… so my brain doesn’t explode. Thanks for the comments guys, hope to show some more pictures soon~


nice concept, very dynamic, powerful! way to go!

good luck!




Hi. realy cool sketch. and good idea.its one of those good works. i am waiting to see the final image. good luck :thumbsup:


This is another sketch… i played around with some simple geomety in max to work with the composition and doddled over that. Petrry similar to the last one… I think I’ve got a fair idea of the image now and will start modelling now… yeah~ please let me know what you think, thanks.


Hey Chi-han,

This second sketch is better than the first, there is more of a relationship between the boat and the whale:thumbsup: . Now , lets see some polys.:slight_smile: Look forward to your modeling of this scene.


I like the cyans in there.


mmoir: thanks mate, can’t wait to model too :slight_smile:
dvelasco: yeah i like the cyan too, i actually didn’t look at the first sketch and ended up with similar cyan on both lol, i guess it works. Thanks.

Yeah sorry for the slowness, busy at work lately. Plan to do some decent modelling this weekend. Please come check it out later, Cya.


man… got a bad family financial problem atm… donno if i wanna do this challenge at such times… i might do it if it gets better. I really wanna do this challenge, already did quite a bit of reseach on it…


I like your idea very much.

I hope you find time, cause I sure would like to see it progress.


Greeeeeeeeeeat concept .motion is shown here perfectly.environment is nice.
This is my favorite.
Good luck pal,
I’ll follow your thread definitlely.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Jesp: thanks for the encouragement man, yeah lots of things going on atm, i will try and find time, i would really like to see this picture complete too. Even if i can’t finish it, i’ll give it a shot.

adel3d: wow for my concept to be your favourate, i’m very happy to hear that man, your entry last time was one of the top and of course one of my favourates too. Man i haven’t had much time or peace to do much on this challenge lately. I’ll try to keep working on it definately. Thanks for visiting.


Dude I really wish you all the best man, 'cause I really like your concept for this one, and I too would love to see this one cross the finish line.

Don’t give up, do what needs to be done first, and hopefully everything turns out all right for ya!

Cheers from Keet Mun
:thumbsup: :buttrock:


Nice sketch and cool concept.


I finally started modelling, haven’t done much though, better get a move on. Pretty simple model, basically a bread roll with eyes and fins. It’s not finished yet of course, please gimme some feedback.

Man i just realised so many people are doing whales, donno why…


Hi ! mate , it’s seem you 're busy like me , and I just start modelling yesterday too:bounce:
hey ! we’re late! hahaha , your model look good so far , nice loop, keep goin man! good luck


Great start for the modeling - good to see you getting started :wip:


Hey Chi-Han,

It is good to see you started the modeling , the whale looks good so far. The basic shape looks accurate to me , good job and look forward to any updates.