Spectacular 3D Entry: Chih-Han Hsu


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Hi everyone! It starts again~ I’ve been waiting quite a while for this challenge now :applause: I’m also just started working as a juniour and gotta travel far to work too, so i’m not even sure if i got time to finish this one:sad: anyway i’m gonna give it a shot, it’ll be fun. At work people use maya, max and zbrush. And since i’ve been thinking of learning maya i might make use this challenge to learn it. Might learn zbrush too, lol maybe that’s a bit too much to learn :).

I haven’t really thought about an idea yet, hopefully somehting spectacular.

I really look forward to this and i hope to see some cool artwork from everyone.


Hi hhssuu, good luck mate;) I really enjoyed watching your M+S evolve and look forward to seeing what you do here…


Hi , how are you , long time no see, I remember your emotional entry from MS , hope you bring it here again!


Hi Chi-Han, good to see you enter again. Good luck and have fun!


hey chi… good luck dude. looking forward to some good work!


Good luck in this challenge:thumbsup:


Hi Chi-Han,
Thats good news about your job, sounds like you have some nice tools at the new job.
I look forward to what you come up with .


hi everyone thanks for the warm welcomes, sorta busy atm :frowning: still haven’t got any good ideas yet, hopefully i’ll have an cool dream and gimme some ideas soon. Anyway it’s nice you see you all, i can’t wait to get started. Cya.


May your inspiration hit you like a giant wave mate:wavey: good luck!


I’ve been thinking and had many ideas but none seem to be very original. Except i have one sorta really strange one, i donno if it actaully fits to be spectacular.

I had a dream once that i was waken up by someone banging on my front door, i ran out early in the morning and it was a neighbour of mine, a greek guy, a sorta big guy in a singlet. He rushed to get me out of the house, wanting to show me something. I ran out with him, and i saw thousands of birds (cocatoos i think) taking over the neighbourhood. I stared at them for a few second then realised they started flying towards us. The greek guy had a sling shot in he’s hand and begain shoting at them, i had no weapon and began to run away…

This is really weird, although i sorta like the story, i might do this as an image if i think of nothing else. I would have to some how spice up the image to make it spectacluar though… please let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Well, thousands of birds taking over the neighbourhood sounds pretty spectacular to me!
Now, go and make some sketches of it :wip:


Hi Gunilla, yer i should get started :slight_smile: i sorta thought of another idea, doing a spectacular whale hunting scene. It seem quite impressive to see tiny man taking on the powers of the great ocean and a giant whale in crazy weather. But this will be such a rendering job though… sorry to keep people waiting i should be more definate soon :slight_smile:

man i’m not very snappy with my ideas am i…


ok i decided finally, i’m doing a spectacular whale hunt, the traditional little boat dagerous way. Simple idea but should be a fun idea to play with. I haven’t even checked if anyone else is doing it, i hope not. There should be sketches soon :slight_smile: yeah~


This is a quick sketch of my idea, i’m doing a whaling scene with a massive sperm whale. I think i would be cool to have the whale in rage with roped harpons stuck on the whale and lifting the boats and putting hte crew in danger. I sketch is a little dodgy atm, the details of the boat and crew etc is not decided yet, just a general feel atm. I should have better pictures later on. Feel free to comment thanks :slight_smile:


Looks cool. You could maybe even lower the point of view so that you show what the fishermen would have seen.


Super sweet sketch! Looking forward to seeing your progress!


Hey Chi-han,

I like the whale hunt idea and look forward to what you come up with, nice dynamic sketch there. Ar-lutik is doing something similar but I think you should be fine, here is his link.



Very dramatic sketch! If you can catch the stormy mood it will be spectacular … looking forward to the rest :slight_smile:


Whoa…your concept sketch blew me away…it looks amazing!!