Spectacular 3D Entry: Bart Bialek


Men I submited wrong image ;/ any chance to fix it. the right one is above- cheers


HI - here you can see what I’ve got now. I’ll add background buildings and air traffic I also need to fix some bugs ( btw I still remamber about front window ) -cheers


I fixed coloration so the layers are now more coherent as parts of the one image. I also fixed few smaller bugs. - hope you enjoy!


Cool image. I’d suggest throwing in some distance fog to give the scene some depth. Maybe a light blue fog. That’d make the buildings and ship in the background look more unified hue wise and make them recede like there’s some atmosphere between them and the camera. It’ll also make your foreground ship and characters pop out. Hope this helps.


Nice scene and spectacular too! I agree with the lack of depth it currently has, some different light settings could fix that easily too on top of some depth fog. Keep it up, you’ve got a nice image there!:thumbsup:


Novacaine & thierry2005: I was working on fog when I saw your posts ;). You are right the city is lacking some deph. I’m working at blur & fog setup It’s very hard to achive a good effect without loosing some details …although it’s a must. I’m tryng to apply some motion blur effect to the main ship and my heros but I haven’t found satisfying setup yet. The feel of speed and drama is cruical in my work i want it to be as good as possible (here comes you with your crtqs :slight_smile: ). I’m also working on air traffic now this should put some more life to my pic.
Thank’s for advice and support -cheers


Fog- i’m still working so …


HI - I fixed a lot of bugs ( you can see some new buildings f.e.) I also added deph blur effect to the city.


Hello - I fixed the smoke It’s finished now. I added front window and worked on the sky and some buildings. I’m still working on air traffic and image coloration -cheers


HI- you can see some more ships in the air - I also fixed some details. I think I’m almost done. Now every detail counts. If you can see any mistakes please tell me. I’m not sure If the ship layer and city layer are coherent enough. Is the contrast and coloration of the layers mixed properly??( background seems a bit to bright to me) Thanks -cheers


HI - I’m done …finally. Here you can see some details. Thank you very much for all your help and support .Your opinions ware very helpful even vital. I’m happy from what I’ve got. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun working on this project. I already won much( precisely my wall :wink: ). Next I’ll upload the final image -cheers!!


Great work :applause: it looks already like a final image :thumbsup:

Good luck in the last steps :bounce:


That day was never meant to come
Leaving Hijang city as a prisoner. Seeing this city through bars in window.
I thought I was smarter, faster then they. Another jump - easy money.
This time was different.
On of my partners chose easier money…the one for my head
I felt the smell of trap I didn’t know who…
Most of the countries - United Federation members would do a lot to get me . Not only for revange i knew a lot . And this knowledge was worth even more than my life.
But he finally made it. He caught me. I was sold out
Cunigan was a beast I heard that he was killing to get me…of course in the name of law
In past he was very close He almost got me after my famous action in Old York year’47
He should be happy it was me who made him an officer in rank of chief. But kick in the face when I was seating paralyzed wasn’t the best way to express his gratitude…
) – Soon we would play on my field son – he said that morning.
Moving from Hijang city prison was like sentence. Take off early morning . This was my last chance.
My real friends wouldn’t have missed such occasion
And they didn’t

.I wish I could see the view behind by back that moment
Cunigan, his beloved ship …burning… falling from the sky
And yet maybe another ambitious men will try to take his chance - to catch me
I’m not sure. This image should be an efficient warning


Hey Bart,

You have a very dynamic image:thumbsup: and nice modeling on the ships . Good luck .


>Full size version <
Nomad & mmoir : thank’s - <beer>


nice final,and well done.you got a really spectacular image.congratzand good luck for the vote


Thank’s Michael and good luck too!!


Hi Bartosz,

Great work and congratulations on finishing the challenge. Good luck! - J


Thanks Joel and good luck too!!


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