Spectacular 3D Entry: Bart Bialek


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Latest Update: Final Image: The run on the edge


Here’s my entry. I started working on concept this morning shortly after: eating my breakfast and making little brainstorming. I figured out a bunch of ideas how to make my piece spectacular.
I want it to be full of action ,sort of encirclement futuristic
enviroment (I had also had idea of makin middle age scene)
Spectacular scene - chase , a kind of "on the egde "situation,
and of course …an explosion.
So it is… my hero’s escape . I’ll try to let the viewer feel the drama of the situation.
I hope you’ll like it when done and by this time crit my wips and help me when nessesary making my little dream come true.


Best of luck Bart ! :thumbsup:


Good luck bart, sketch is looking good.


Great sketch Bart! This looks very interesting and prominant. I wish you the best of luck for the contest! :smiley:


Good work Bart great start would like to see more of the background to give me a better sense of impending doom if you character were to ever fall. Keep it up.


yep very nice and dinamic concept u got there… got a lot of potential in it… but i cant go witht eh hero being hanging on the aricraft’s wings… its not looking natural… u might reconcider the hero’s position… just my 2 cents… keep it up mate… and best of luck :thumbsup:


Nice start dude :thumbsup: ther`s a lot of potential in this sketch…

Good luck :bounce:


very cool, best of luck Bart
hard to tell whats reallz happening so far, but looks promising


I cleared out a bit my idea. I would like to show more enviroment and make the scene more coherent. I added 2 characters pilot and women both helping my hero to run away .The ship will crush not directly on the pavement ( I didn’t want to kill meny people :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) but city’s “green valley” I also changed image ratio. I’m stiil thinking of more ways to make background more “intensive”


Looking good so far :thumbsup: Currently the concept reminds me of some old 50’s space flick.


thats one hell of a concept! looks pretty good.

one idea to make it more dramatic, make the guy reach out to grab the girls hand.


Nice concept. The sketch is looking good. Are we viewing from the top of the building?



I fixed perspective. I want to show more enviroment It will help build the “right” mood. I’m still thinking of city’s stylisation I don’t want it to be a copy of SW or 5’th element megalopolis.


Here’s a concept of the “main” ship I named it “the runner” I want it to be a mix of realistic and my imagination. I’ll use chrome elements for bottom part and wings edges. and polished metal for rest. I’m still trying to figure out a good shape for front window .It looks to f16 for now.


I modeled the first version of main ship “the runner” I wanted to be a bit different from SW&CO style ships. I tried to mix machine with bird and shark. (bird so it could ;), fly shark to make it agressive) You can see it with basic material and with simple shaders. just for test. I don’t know If yellow is the right choice. I don’t want it to look like a cab but for now it’s enought.


HI. I had a dream last night and it inspired me to put the action on the scene a little bit higher. Now it takes place above city in lower parts of clouds. I’m thinking of further changes maybe I should put the action above city’s roof below layer of clouds (with some nice volumetric light out there). What do you think? Crits and opinions most welcome cheers!


I think you coud fit more action within the city streets. Just maybe little higher than medium buildings level, so you colud see rooftops of smaler buildings. This concept here was pretty cool just place it lil higher and add one more pod above that crashed hes “wing” into the building wall and now is ricocheting like crazy. He produces a lot of somoke and debree so you could add some volume light effect :thumbsup:


Thanks Mark. I fixed perspective. Compromise …now there are going to be both clouds and detailed city streets. Falling ship will devastate near buildings. I’m really getting the final composition…I hope. :wink: Cheers.


Hi. I spent over 20 hours making faces for my heros and I think they are ready to go public and eat the crit… I used Michael Dudikoff as a reference for my hero’s face, and Vin Diesel for the pilot. I’ll make ears tommorow and start modeling female character (I choose Sigourney Weaver), Coments most welcome. SC