Spectacular 3D Entry: Artur Malczyk


hey Artur … u did man! just a superb image in such a short time! :bounce::bounce: congratulations :bounce::bounce: . cheers and goodluck! yeah next challenege hope to see u in early on!:slight_smile:


nice, job, arturro



OMg Artur!! I never seen your thread before, shame on me :blush:
You’ve done a very good work! Beautiful final image! and good luck for the vote!! :beer:


thanks everyone for your replies! I’m glad that you like it… I hope the jury will like it as well:):slight_smile: but there are to many ass kicking works around… so bravo for you:applause:


The Seagulls’ Lighthouse

Ok., here is a story of this tower...

It was a greatest achievement of an ancient, forgotten civilization
Times were very simple, and building of such sizes and in such place was a real challenge… The 80 meters tall Lighthouse rised on the lonely, and the northernmost in the far sea rock
the biggest around the main city. It was connected with the continent by a long bridge which was the biggest challenge to be created. A great fire on the top of it showed the way to the sailors for many ears. With time some legends appeared among the sailors, that a lot of gold is being kept there
And it was the tragic legend for the lighthouse
Greed and curiosity won. Some pirates responded with successive assaults to the legends… no gold was found, but a bridge was destroyed, and everybody was murdered and burned at the top of the lighthouse
The tower was forgotten
but with time a flame returned to the lighthouse
no one knows how or who could be there without a supplies from the continent. And knew legends appeared
some sailors claimed that there are thousands seagulls on the rock… and that strange noises can be heard when sailing near the lighthouse
The new name was given to the forgotten tower with eternal flame
the seagulls’ lighthouse


Congratulation Artur… a wonderful final ! :applause: + :thumbsup:


Wow!! That is just wonderful!

Congratulations for finish.

Good luck:thumbsup:


thanks for your support!
I wish I started this challenge earlier! Now I was playing with camera settings, and I believe I found a much better shot… but we learn on our mistakes, so let’s hope the next challenge will be better.

If you’re interested here’s the new shot(only screen from 3ds max)


I’ve just found it. It’s nice. I see You are doing a great progress :). Keep on warking. It’s pleasure to see good picture.


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