Spectacular 3D Entry: Antone Magdy (Tony)


what do u think everyone? :bounce:


gr8 work Tony … the wheel is so amazing my friend … :slight_smile:

but i think u must take care with this rocks …

i know that u can make better …

keep going …


i like the idea .lets see how execute it


sorry for the blunder in the sentence.----lets see how u execute it


hei the scene come out finally… continue !


@maxspider3000 : hi yusuf thanks for passing :scream: , maybe I will change them (I don`t like them either :bounce: )
@CUBISIS : thanks mate :thumbsup:
@jddog : hehehe yeah :twisted:


antoher concept sketch made the traffic lights bigger and made another pose for the orca


which pose is better 1 or 2 ?


I think the first position is better, better centered in the scene…


Excellent art work you’re doing here Tony, waiting for more posts from you .


thanks for passing jddog & shemosus
wait for mopre updates :bounce:


• Hey! it is looking good, is this my first time in your thread? :blush: Sorry, I guess i’ve had little time to visit all good artist & friends
I have a suggestion: it would be cool a bigger trafic light showing a draw of a jumping whale when green Like this :slight_smile:


dont opologize its okay :bounce:
very cool idea thanks for helping mate :thumbsup:


hey i like the pose number 2…this scene is very nice , is spectacular for sure!:buttrock:


thanks Jorge for helping :thumbsup:


changed the pose a little ,changed the camera view and made the land


what do u think everyone :bounce: ?


yes ! look good ! dolphin render look nice so far! maybe you add more detail by texture work with combination of displacement map on the land , time is running out man! hope you finish it in time!:thumbsup::thumbsup:


th best is time to speeeeed up… just go, until now everything is ok !


monsitj : yeah I hope I could finish it too :thumbsup:
jddog : okay man I will speed up :bounce: