Spectacular 3D Entry: Antone Magdy (Tony)



Now it looks more realistic with that wet look, ofcourse u will need to add more detail to whale for closeups, now seems this one very low poly :wink:



thanks Dodgeas3d


I think I`am now little happy with what I have…special thanks for
James(thanks for helping mate)


what do u think everyone :bounce: ?


Hm, hehe, he seems less shiny and there are no shadows now:P . That’s the problem with changing renderers and light setups. I would probably sharpen the transition from white to black a bit, and increase the image map size. I wouldnt worry too much about getting the light setep for showing off the orca now, you’ll need that time for the final light setup in the scene. You seem to be spending a lot of time on the whale, yet you have an entire scene to finish too (minus a bridge). Hurry so you’ll have time to fix the material and lighting setup, and since the final image size if huge, you’ll have to make sure you have enough time to render it out. Keep up the updates:thumbsup: .


hehehe okay mate:thumbsup: I will use the time I have in making the scene :bounce:


well thats it for the whale and now Iam going to model the scene,this is the bridge so far
c&c are welcomed


what do u think everyone :bounce: ?


hi mate…i like the whale so far!:thumbsup:, about the bridge the design and modeling is comming very nice, it maybe need some clinches and screws, but is looking fine…Go mate!, :bounce:


glade that you like it:bounce: and for the bridge I will make screws and clinches thanks for helping mate :thumbsup:


Agree with ace on the texture, the bridge looks ok, continue like that ! :wip:


thanks for critting jddog:thumbsup: ok I will sharpen it :bounce: wait for updates


not alot to show just made the screws lol


what do u think everyone :bounce: ?


good starting point, continue like that the model is fine… we will more ! :bounce:


thanks for passing jddog :beer:


just modeling some rocks


sorry duplicate post


modeling traffic lights (and testing colors in the red light)


3d concpet sketch of the idea I have in my mind