Spectacular 3D Entry: Antone Magdy (Tony)


okay James wait for updates


well just playing with colors and light …to see how it goes


so what do you think everyone :bounce: ?


Great update dude:thumbsup: Well I guess the fish will be inside the water so try adding some shine to the body to give a wet feel.
Waiting for updates Keep going:bounce: :bounce:


thanks for criting madshooter & wait for updates :thumbsup:


well I`am kinda bored from working on the orca so I will work on the bridge
and be back to the orca later


well I will be back to the orcan later but now I will be working on the bridge :wavey:


Nice work toni

one thing the saddle stain on the back is not white but grey


ok thanks ar LutiK for criting will be changing soon :bounce:


Nice modeling man. I realli like the toy look. Realli nice the whale for the first texturing. Maybe you could improve the white things on the back of the whale. Good luck.


thanks danielkenobi :thumbsup:


hey mate, this bridge has a nice style and is very clean modeling…i like it…about the color on the whale…i think the spots are ok…but i think the material properties will play an important part in the final look…u know specular and glossiness values…, but is looking good already…keep on the good work mate:wip:


I changed the specularity & glossines as everyone told
c&c are welcomed


Hey there you go dude nice wet feel, looks real cool:thumbsup: maybe just reduce the reflection a bit:) Keep going dude:bounce:


@ rattlesnake : thanks mate glade you like it & about the specularity what do u think now :bounce: ?
@madshooter : glade that you like :bounce: I will change as you said wait for updates :slight_smile:


Looks good, looks wet:thumbsup: . I think you may have to turn the white parts a bit of a very light grey (very closer to white though). Might just be the lights, but it looks extremely bright. Keep it up.


hello…yeah the specularity is ok for a wet look…this is really nice if the whale is going to be shown outside the water…inside the water maybe this effect is not ok…maybe a 10 in specularity value and 5 in glossines…(3dmax parameters), if your planning to make it outside u can make a mask …to show some wt parts and some dry parts, like when we get our skin wet it makes water drops:thumbsup:, i really like how the whale looks:applause:


hey James dude:beer: I will change the colors and see how it goes :bounce: thanks for helping mate :thumbsup:
rattlesnake thanks for the great idea:cool: it will be outside so I think I will make water drops :wip:


Looking good toni, you should give us a closer look don’t forget final image size is big, and I’m still waiting for the grey saddle.

Good work :thumbsup:


@ ar LutiK : how are you now? :slight_smile: about the grey saddle I was trying to make but it always looks white don`t know why :rolleyes:
but I will try to figure it out and fix it wait for updates :bounce: