Spectacular 3D Entry: Antone Magdy (Tony)


Good progress

The nose, the fin is not pointy enough, but the tail needs work, you did a fish tail

check this


back of the tail (under)

try google search orca or killer whale, and get lots of reference it will help your modeling


thanks ar LutiK I will try to change them


Good start here! I agree with ar LutiK about the things you need to change. I think this will look great when textured.


thanks for passing and criting gardogg


Nice progress dude:thumbsup: , can’t wait to see it textured:)


thanks madshooter :bounce:


I changed the nose and the tail and the fin


the top view …


what do u think everyone :bounce:


With the “nose”, from the side view, try making the nose have a tighter contour then the rest of the body, while from the front/top view you make it thinner as well. The tail looks better but i think the end of the tail needs to be more of a single curved line with the center going in (like in the picture ar lutik showed). Also, from the top view i see the end of your whale’s body ends right where the tail starts when it should end (and taper down) near the end of the tail. Try to really look at the refs for small details. Also, this link might be of interest to you: http://www.nsrl.ttu.edu/tmot1/orciorca.htm. Read what animals they hunt; if you decide to change your concept you might want to go for capturing when a pod hunts down a sperm whale (box nose) or so:thumbsup: . Orcas are great hunters, that’s why they are my favorite dolphin/whale.


thanks for criting James :bounce: wait for updates :slight_smile:


hey mate, u have a nice base model here, it only need some tweaks and it will be great, Ace have some good points, but i think is going really fine, waiting for your updates man!


thanks rattlesnake :bounce:
updates are coming soon:thumbsup:


welcome you, too, man… interesting idea, you have…
good luck


thanks for passing maxim capra:bounce:


At last I could make it in sort of good texturing (my first texturing ever)
lol in needs more work I know :slight_smile:


At last an update what do u think everyone :bounce:


The model itself looks fine maybe the top fin needs adjustments.

U added only texture, but no shader… play with a shader and texture to make it look like wet, make sure to put something into environment to get nice reflections. Goodluck!


thanks Dodgeas3d for the advice I will change wait for updates


Nice going. Try rendering closer to the model and at a bigger res next time though so we can see it a bit clearer.

Looks like the black of the texture could be closer to full black. I would also make the white spot near the eyes a bit higher. I agree with Dodgeas3d about playing with the shader, mainly the specularity. Be sure to add a normal spot light so the specularity shows (skylights don’t affect specularity). Keep it up:thumbsup: .