Spectacular 3D Entry: Antone Magdy (Tony)


ar LutiK : I want you to crit my work Iam not felling bad its okay :thumbsup:
your crits is right ,and yeah I need ref ,thanks for helping :bounce:


Great start Tony, didn’t see you started. ar Lutik has some great critics there; the orca is my favorite whale as well.


thanks james :bounce:


Surely good and well-informed points from ar LutiK there - I do like the model so far actually, and the slightly stubby shape makes it look very solid, so it works well already in a sort of impressionistic way.


For start the model looks fine. I dont have enough knowledge about whales but from the snaps which you are using as your reference, I agree with Ar lutik the head needs to be more conic shaped. As far as modeling is concerened the wireframe looks clean.

It is really a good start, Keep up good work dude:thumbsup:


JamesMK & madshooter thanks for passing and criting :thumbsup:
I think you both are right and I`am going to change it
so all whale lovers wait for the updates :bounce:


:thumbsup: Ok ,it`s si cool and great and no need to say any crit .keep it .hope to see more WIP .goodlcuk …


Hi Tony, it’s a great great idea you get, and a nice start for the orca. I will keep an eye on your work :wink:
Continue like that


Ramtin_moom & djiemsi thanks and wait for updates :bounce:


Nice work tony

Keep going:thumbsup:


thanks Ahmed Hosny


Save Willy? (or it was Billy, can’t remeber) Cool stuff.

Good luck.


thanks for passing suk-grigorij and good luck to you too


hey best one, that’s a good start (modelling) I think the top fin might be too big but otherwise the proportions seem correct. Now add some detail, go go go! :wip:


thanks coCoKNIght I will change it and I will add details


I decided to remodel the orca since I didn`t like the first one very much
there are still alot of work to do on this model to actullay look like an orca


still working on the orca and this is what I have so far


so what do u think everyone :bounce:


Much better. Maybe it could be slightly longer? The “nose” needs to be defined a bit more to better show the forehead I think. Looks like you got the basics of it, just tweaking from here on out.

Here are some refs that might help with the “nose”, body, and skin texture:


thanks for your crits James :twisted: I will try to change the “nose”:scream: and see how it goes :bounce: