Spectacular 3D Entry: Antone Magdy (Tony)


Good luck with the challenge Tony! Claireabella


thanks Claireabella


wellcome to the CGchallenges!
I’m sure that you’ll enjoy the experience.

good luck!


thanks Sergio Santos


Funny idea! It would be sort of like an alternate ending to that movie about a boy whose friend is a really big fish… umm… ‘Free Willy’ :thumbsup:


well I was trying to draw a killer whale but how funny it ends like this :bounce:


I like your sketch, the best! Keep the updates coming!


thanks Continuumx


very powefull idea… and original…


thanks jddog :slight_smile: I will begin modeling soon


Hey tony nice original concept. About your sketch dont feel bad, cause my sketching is even worse. What is more important is I got your concept and I really like it, It is different and original.
Waiting to see your modeling skills.
Now just rock this challenge:thumbsup:


thanks madshooter :slight_smile: , soon you will see my modeling skills:bounce:


Got to say the idea is original, very. Not going to say anything about the sketch, this aint 2d, so don’t worry about the sketch quality. the idea speaks for itself. Hope to see your idea turn out well. There is so much potential to be added, so work hard. Good luck.:thumbsup:


thanks Sleepinglion
I`am now collecting pics for whales to begin modelling :bounce:


here is the beginning of the killer whale
I`am not satisfied yet but I think it is good
as a beginning (it will be better when textured) :wink:


so what do u think everyone ? :bounce:


Interssant idea.
The odeling looks good. If you want to respect the reference clearly, the fin have to be more rotate direction the sea. And the aileron is more down on the animal but it is already great llike that.
Good luck.


I wasnt know that you are from egypt …

any way … good luck tony …

and nice modeling as well …

go ahead man … :thumbsup:


authentic : I wasn`t trying to make it like this pic exactly I was just puting it to give it the shape
of the killer whale:wise: , but I think I may change what you said :thumbsup: (thanks for passing and criting:bounce: )
maxspider3000 : good luck to you too


Antone, I’m an expert in whales (like you can see in my thread), so I’m gonna be hard on you but don’t take it bad.

First of all , Orca are way longer and around the tail it becomes really thin, always try to imagine your whale is a torpedo (some dolphins actually looks like torpedos), the fins on the side next to the body need to get smaller, they are much narrower next to the body, and now my big critic since I already did this critic to some cg in a whale documentary, the head of your orca looks more like a pac man then a killer whale, you need to understand they are dolphins the biggest of them all and they have a little beek, not as big as dolphin but it is present an d the head is more conick then round. If you need more references let me know I might have a few. Hope I wasn’t to hard on you but it is my favorite animal so I can get personal when it comes to Orcas. Oh for the dorsal fin, on the ref you have that is a female you can tell by the dorsal fin that is small, males have very long ones. When you’ll do the texture remember that they are black in white, except for the stain behind the dorsal fin that is called the saddle, it is grey.

PS: I understand this is just the begining of the modeling, lets see it this way all I wrote before well see it as guidelines. :wink: