Spectacular 3D Entry: Antone Magdy (Tony)


ok coCoKNIght as you like


Good luck to you Tony!


thanks andreas_V


right, i thought i’d pay a visit here. Good Luck!!


thanks anim_ziggy for passing


good luck to you guy:)


thanks tuckS:thumbsup:


Hey, great to see you jumping on the challenge scene. Good luck to you!


thanks erilaz and good luck to you too


hithe best. Good luck. It’s also my first time, That will be funny :thumbsup:


denverbz yeah it is going to be fun :bounce:


good luck mate:thumbsup:


thanks Neeno


thanks.good luck.


tony time to sketch :scream: hehe ! we are waiting for you !


Good Luck Dude :scream:



Good luck!! :slight_smile:
Let the best wins.


thanks everyone here is my first concept ever excuse my bad drawing .
This is the idea I want to make this bridge is for two kind of traffic cars
and whales (it doesn`t look like a whale I know)


Heya Tony, good to see a new comer.

Like you said we have similarity in our concept but don’t worry about that, I’m sure at the end our images will be different.

Good luck to you on your first challenge, hope you’ll do better then my first challenge (machine flesh) that I never finished.


thanks ar LutiK I wish I can complete it too
good luck with your idea (I like it very much)