Spectacular 3D Entry: Antone Magdy (Tony)


Antone Magdy (Tony) is entered in the “Spectacular Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: Shortcut to ocean


ok guys let`s see how this one goes
(this is my first challenge so be cool with me :bounce: )


Good Luck:thumbsup: . Remeber to post in other peoples threads so they know you exist (tip).


:bounce: hehehe I will remember that


yeah… welcome in a funky adventure !
gooooooood luck Antone !


thanks jddog

(you can all call me Tony)


Nice to meet U in a challenge Tony ! Hope U will find a nice idea and that U will have fun with us !
see U soon ! :thumbsup:


nice to meet you too gpepper :slight_smile:
and I hope you also find a nice idea :scream:


hey tony, i see you took ace´s advice :slight_smile:
good luck to you, too!!! it´s my first challenge, too!


All the best to you too dude:thumbsup:


Hey Tony! Have loadsa fun and best luck! :thumbsup:


Zongo : hehehe yeah I did
madshooter :thanks
the1st_angel :hey sacha good luck to you too mate


Hello the best,

Good to have you here, you will do well, lots of great artist to learn from!


Good Luck you too, Tony. :slight_smile:


thanks Continuumx and have fun with the challege
thanks Ultemate


Good luck Mr The Best :wink:


thanks djiemsi (call me Tony)


No I’m NOT going 5D

i’m not…

i’m really not…


no you will :twisted:


no, i really won’t! now stop that! :scream: