Spectacular 3D Entry: Andrius Balciunas


Lovely birds ! Good luck !


Hey Andrius,

Very impressive image:thumbsup: , still enjoy those wonderful colors. Good luck.


Hadn’t seen this image before…beautiful, lyrical image! Great work! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



yunisirees Thanks friend, I hope you’ll finish yours in time :thumbsup:

Gunilla Thanks. Everything went well… Sended final successfuly… :scream:
gpepper :slight_smile: Yeah, just like I wanted thanks!! :bounce:

MattGyver Thanks, sure… pm me you address, I’ll send you one :scream: Cheers man!! :beer:

makaron Thank you, I’m happy that you liked my story :smiley:

soapy hey mate thanks, and hury up on your own image, hope you’ll finish it.

maurodelia Thanks, nice to hear that.

mmoir che che, thanks mate :buttrock:

Rebeccak Thank you!!! Cheers :beer:

…I also forgot to thank Silent Hill2 and Chrono cross soundtracks wich were mostly listened while making this image…


Fantastic :applause: :applause: congratulations:applause: :applause: for final image. Great job Dude:thumbsup: You have done an awesome job All the best and :beer: .


It`s a verry nice final image you have done Andrius :applause:

Good luck in the voting :bounce:


wow ziauriai fainas darbas, niekur nematytas negirdetas vaizdas…super…


I’m very sad this place doesn’t actually exist.

But I’m glad it does exist in your imagination, and that you shared it with us.



:applause: :thumbsup: Great picture mate, it’s got a nice mood and feel to it. All the best for the judging


Hello Crying Horn, man, I must tell you that your image is one of the most magical of this challenge.
Impressive and beautiful work. Congratulations, and good luck.


Hi Andrius, your image is beauriful :applause:
I was watching your progress all the time and i’m glad that you finished it. Good Luck :slight_smile:


At first sight I thought I was jealous with your floating water effect, but didn’t get the meaning of the scene. Reading the story was a pleasure, and the key to it only arrives at long last. Beautiful.


Hi Andrius,

Thanks for your compliments on my entry.

I must say that your entry is one of the most magical, energizing entries I’ve found!

Your story is every bit as jaw-dropping as your image. Great work!


Crying Horn, congratulations on finishing the image! I like it very much. I like everything, the idea, the execution, the story :thumbsup:
Top work!

Sekmes! Sergu uz tave! :bounce:

ps.: papostintum sita ir lietuviskame cgtalk :slight_smile:


wow is really beautiful…i like that:love:


madshooter Thanks for beautiful words man, best of luck to you too :beer:

Nomad Thank you I appreciate that indeed. Good luck to you too.

imperioli Thank you :thumbsup:

glenn23 Who said that it doesn’t exist :scream: thank you mate It’s nice to hear those words from you, I would really could say same about you.

thierry2005 Thanks, same to you mate, I like you fairy creatures on your image.

claudio_jordao Hello Claudio thanks for droping by and really sweet to hear that, good luck to you too!

Newman Thanks man.
zancan I feel honored that you liked it :bounce: . Man I’ll say again that your image is really awesome and truly inspiring masterpeace. Hope to see you next time.

harryb hey not at all. Your image is really stylish. I feel happy for your words, it’ really a plesure when someone says that :arteest:

Grubber Hi, nice to see you here Grubber, well I’m happy that you liked it, aciu!

melkao Thanks! Cheers man!


This is some images that inspired me. Almost before this challenge one of my friends accidently showed me them. He keeps theese as an examples of fast shutter speed cameras since he is a photographer himself.
PS you can find more of those water images at http://liquidsculpture.com/


And this is my parrot Fichi after beeing used as a reference for my image :scream: .

No I’m joking, actually he really likes the water and when I go to shower he usually goes along and becomes calm only after he gets wet :smiley:


Thanks this link is really neat!


*incredible piece of art!!:slight_smile:

*good luck!:thumbsup: