Spectacular 3D Entry: Andrius Balciunas


hi Crying Horn … very cool progress and the background is superb especialy the fountain!and the bird poses look nice!


I was wondering where those nice detail models were going to go, the horns look great.


yunisirees Hi mate, thanks, nice to see your post here :slight_smile:

soapy Thanks, I’m happy that you liked :smiley:


Started to render in original size, Changed the lighting, though I may still teak it, so c&c are welcome, birds and water soon.

see ya


gražu žiūrėt ir pavydėt:] sėkmės pabaiginėjant, gaunasi labai neblogas darbelis.


HELLO. Ok I’m finished with rendering, so I quickly composed everything, added some glow and highlights to see how everything looks. Now I’ll get some post tweaking…


This is my layer setup of only rendered images


uiron Aciu, gaila kad pats nebaigei…


hiya Crying Horn … the scene is looking mighty cool man! :thumbsup::thumbsup:


Just beautiful! Now good luck for the final tweaks - don’t wait to long with uploading, the treffic can be very intense in the last hours :thumbsup:


Beautiful !
A dream…


Ok some close up before final


Another one…


…and another…


… and the last…


Wow. Could I get a poster of this one? :thumbsup: Don’t know what else to say. I love it. Great work.



Once there was a man. When he was a child he used to play in the near woods with his favorite slingshot which he got as a present from his father. He shot leaves, trees, rocks, and he had fun. But once he saw a bird on the high tree drinking drops of dew from leaves. He looked beautiful, and his feathers on the back were gorgeous. The living target is something that a real hunter should hunt to, he thought. The bird looked calm and relaxed, he didn’t saw a human near by. The kid aimed and made his perfect shot. The bird immediately felt down on the ground near some green grass which started becoming red with bird’s blood. His scared look went to the young hunter who was coming towards him. With that look he started to move trying to safe himself, but he was too weak to do something. When the kid finally came close to him the bird was just staring at him with his dead eyes still full of fear. The kid started to cry and shake. He felt how his conscience began to torture him. He was scared so much that at one moment he almost swooned. Excuses seemed pathetic in that situation, though he was still screaming them. He felt like that for four days and nights. And then he made a promise, that some day his guilt will be redeemed.
His life continued, he became a professional architect and he was quite famous and very successful at his job. In his entire carrier he built lots of buildings, memorials and monuments which all were special, making everyone to smile and feel comfortable. When he became old he remembered his promise, he remembered it all the time. So he came back to that wood, and started to build a
fountain. This was the best work of all that he had ever done only by himself. When he finished it, he took a few steps back to see it all. He was standing for a while and thinking about something; “
four nights
” he gently smiled and said:

  • This fountain will finish crying my sorrow over that bird which is still left in me

After that he quietly went away.
When his soul left this world it was a warm late evening. That evening, birds of that wood first time accepted his warm, hearty, ingenuous and so weightless
magical redeem which finally has got forgiveness.

breathe, drink, play, enjoy

Four Nights Fountain

I want to thank all of you who have watched my thread, gave a support, comments, critics and etc.

The best, MattGyver, ace4016, Grubber, razz, david.mig, SNoWs, hhssuu, mmoir, madshooter, ar Lutik, uiron, Yungkiat, 3rd user, LAURO_MX, visualact.com, DaddyMack, eddieellis, (o)ne, melkao, HillbillyKing, HammaJamma, yunisirees, thierry2005, Claudio_jordao, Nomad, dern, glenn23, soapy, Maxter, gwhite206, Squibbit, Gunilla, gpepper.

Good luck to all of you in your challenges, see you all next time and of course,


  • The END -


what a poetic image and a lovely story…

just spectacular… :applause:


This is a really beautiful piece. I love it. I love the colours and the magical feel.makaron said it right: “poetic”


Beautiful work, just gorgeous.