Spectacular 3D Entry: Andrius Balciunas


beautiful brid man thats great mate


Decided to give my water’s progress…
Crits are welcome…


madshooter Hey nice to see you droped by mate, I hope I won’t let you down. :smiley:

melkao Thanks for your support :thumbsup:


This is my part of background, The tree’s textures were made with speed tree, in total I made 9 different of them, then rendered and put them on simple planes.


This one was a bit harder, I modeled the tree by myself so it would look ok on final render, then I used speed tree to make leaf’s planes on it, I had to put manualy planes on lower branch and some on the whole tree so it would look like those leafs are … part of the tree :slight_smile:


I made a quick test too see how it should look…



Your image has impressive colors and lighting:thumbsup: :thumbsup: , I like the composition of things so far too.


The setting looks incredilble! I’m glad you’re taking your time and making the surroundings a beautiful piece all by itself cause when you add that water and birds this is going to blow me away.

Can’t wait to see it all come together.



Great work. Very smart how you have built those trees for the background, they work well and must be fast rendering. Really nice modeling and texturing all around. I look forward to seeing this all pulled together.


Really like the composition here, the colors are also beautiful:thumbsup:


Coming very nicely, try darkening the shadows and brightening one of the lights a little. Again very nice :slight_smile:


hey this is sweet, i like it alot!



mmoir Thanks man!

glenn23 Hey mate thanks, yes I am very happy that I finally made a layout and almost everything is completed now I experimentally putting everything in one place and sinchronizing everything to suit the final, thanks again I hope I won’t let you down. :scream:

soapy Thanks, yes I didn’t have any problems with the rendering, muuuuch better then my architecture water birds and etc :rolleyes:

Maxter Thanks I am happy you liked it!

gwhite206 Yes I know what you mean, don’t worry I’ll give each element in the scene his needed amount of light (I hope so…)

Squibbit That’s great to hear that, thank you :thumbsup:


hey mate, looking great, has a lovely chilled mood to it… :thumbsup:


Finished my fountain tubes, Finally I put those ornaments on them. I maded a bump texture of those ornaments to increese the performance and ability of rendering.

c&c are welcome…


wow, you have done quite a lot of progress since I last visited.

I feel that the lighting can be improved a bit more. The tubes are almost flat and can barely be seen. See that splash of light on the fountain steps? That splash of light should be reaching your tubes. Maybe you are planning of adding a spotlight to the tubes… I don’t know; but the birds and the tubes need to be emphasized more, your current light rig is not doing that IMO.


Thanks for a crit man, yes I know, that rendering was a quick that’s why it looks so, the light which comes from above has a map on it’s shadow, to give a feeling that something is a bove that fountain, so in this case it darkens the tubes and the birds, I’ll fix that for sure :thumbsup: thanks again :smiley:


I don’t know how I could have missed this until now, but I’m glad I found before the ending.
You have some great work here - it looks real good and some very clever work methods!
Thanks for sharing and best of luck for the final steps :thumbsup:

The loft modeled ornaments are really cool - very inspiring :slight_smile:


eddieellis Thanks, yes I want to make it snug :love:

Gunilla Thanks for beautiful words, and not at all for sharing :thumbsup: .

I’ve finished my work, just some tweaking is needed, so when I’ll start rendering in original size I’ll post my progress right away.


Finished to pose birds, sending a wire…