Spectacular 3D Entry: Andrius Balciunas


Started to make creepers. Don’t worry about architectural environment it’s opritimezed only for easy viewport working, tomorow I will start to make leafs on it. See you


DaddyMack: Hahaha… amazing… like …yeah my mum is actually a male, she bakes me cakes, does a 3d stuff and other usual things, just like any normal mother you know… :thumbsup: Great!
About columns… yeah, you are right I guess :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi all, I’ve decided to give some progress of my water simulation, the most important thing now is a texture, I had to make a proper environment that would suit the image and made a great reflective look on water, anyway there is lot of experimenting and not much time, I am now working hardly on a final layout and right composition, I’ll send it right away I’ll be happy with it…


Exellent idea and great modeling :thumbsup:

I`m looking forward to see your progress on this interesting thread :bounce:


Holy crap that texture is amazing! Very nice job. If I had to comment on anything it would be that the little bits flying off don’t seems ‘ball-y’ enough. It looks truly fantastic though. Keep it up!


Nomad thank you I’m happy that you liked :slight_smile:

All right I’ll keep that in mind, thanks for a tip and beautiful words :thumbsup:


excellent picture above. the texture is great…A question, the water you didi it with particles or how?:shrug:


This one’s really starting to come to life! Good luck


melkao Thanks, yes it’s particles.

glenn23 Thank you good luck to you too :smiley: .

Good luck to you all!


Hey. Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with your progress. It’s looking great. I love that water. :thumbsup:


Here it is, almost completed, some texturing still missing, the colors still may vary but mostly it will look like this. As I said before this is imagined bird but something similar to him are ragianna and lesser birds or paradisea apoda (birds of paradise) wich I mostly used as a reference. Sorry for static pose, couldn’t resist not to send this render :slight_smile: I’ll send some more of him later, now I have to sleep it’s 3.30 night… so goodnight to all…
c&c are welcome…


I have few c&c
first: wow
second: wow
third: WOW


MattGyver Hey mate haven’t seen you for a long time, thanks, it still needs a lot of work.:smiley:

Grubber che che, thanks that’s sweet to hear that :thumbsup:


hei Crying Horn

the bird came out very nice mate! :bounce: :bounce: ! and the water effect looks excellent!
cheers mate!


wow mate, that looks cool, especally like the tail fathers :thumbsup:


SOme changes… I decided to change all architecture… cause the old didn’t looked good enough for me. SO this is is a new one, within a final layout (thank god), I still have to make rails, add vines, finish fountain tubes, split out of them water, add birds, add backround… yeah…


Started to texture my environment to speed my progress…


This is the first test of lighting and rendered architecture with textures


yunisirees, eddieellis Thank you guys, I’m doing my best :wip:


[QUOTE=Crying Horn]

:eek: The bird looks so beautifull Dude, I’m speechless very nice texturing:thumbsup:
The lighting looks good, waiting for your next update:bounce: :bounce: