Spectacular 3D Entry: Andrius Balciunas


awesome feathers, you’re some kind of a madman to create them one by one?:]


uiron Hi, well I used array for feathers placing and cloning, and after that scaled individually, tweaking the bend parameters on each of them, it actually took about an hour, so nothing mad about it truly… :thumbsup:


like the feathers. I was never that hot with doing birds. I don’t have the patience for it


OK, “feather placing” is almost complete, I think I’ll have to tweak them in progress when I a’ll make proper textures of feathers. For now only the shape texture (opacity) is done…

see you…


OMG! The wing looks great! Cant wait to see whole bird!


espectacular wing model:thumbsup:


HillbilyKing Thanks, well I want to make birds as much natural as I can, though not real but natural for sure…

Grubber Hey, as usual, nice to see you here around Grubber. You will see it. :smiley:

melkao Thank you it’s a plesure to hear that.


Awesome work dude, very nice modeling and texturing:thumbsup: , I respect your talent Man,
Keep up the good work and all the best:thumbsup:


placing everything in one place to get a better view of proportion, still the model isn’t complete. Anyway after that I am going do put feathers on a bird using hair system, c&c are welcome…

Good night for now… :wink:


Thanks madshooter I had a bad day today, so your kind words really relaxed me, thanks again man… :thumbsup:


Stunning!!! I absolutely love those wings Andrius… Are you rigging it? If so, how?..


amazin mesh,and cool details of the wings. how you made the wings?:shrug:…(i need to make wings to another project).:buttrock:


Ok this is mini explanation of how I did the wing, as you can see it was lot of planes bended, scaled moved and rotated, mostly I used array function and then manualy tweaked everything a bit… The othe wing side is going to be the same, just with some minor tweaking and, of course, a diferent texture…


DaddyMack thanks, about rigging, still not sure, but I doubt, since I am not going to animate it I’ll going to use some modifiers and manual rotation :shrug:

melkao Thanks, see the post above this one :thumbsup:


that’s Good…you should work more on the Feather…more complex Texture maybe


Started to create a body feathers, tuxtures are temporal


Tons of detail in there… It looks very nice thus far. Can’t wait to see it done!


hie man! love the concept! :thumbsup: … and those feathers a very nice! something that im trying to do here too ehehe! the approach to feathering the bird is great!
cheers man!


It looks like a blue penguin without the wing feathers. I like it, as usual. Come on, man. Give me something to criticize here! :thumbsup:


Well, I’m impatient to see the final renders with all the feathers on it…
Good progress man, keep it up.:slight_smile: :thumbsup: