Spectacular 3D Entry: Andrius Balciunas


Nice model you got going there. Can you show us the techniqye in modeling that?


that’s interesting


Yongkiat Thanks. Well that’s easy, by using splines you draw a path and a shape that will follow that path, the using loft modeling method you pick those two splines and that’s it. After that you can use a deformation tab for scaling, twisting and etc. Type “loft” in help of max it will be much informative I guess.

3rd user Thanks :slight_smile:


Ok din’t have much time so not much progress, planning this weekend to make some more I hope.


I think will be born a great wort here!
just loved this tube details :thumbsup: I will be waching here man
Good Luck! C ya


original style so far …weldone:bounce:


Absolutely stunning!!!
And a very clever approach indeed;)
I look forward to a truly beautiful image here Crying Horn:thumbsup: Good luck…


wow, now thats impressive… keep it up mate ill be watching :thumbsup:


Hello, started to model a bird.


LAURO_MX, visualact.com, DaddyMack, eddieelis Thank you all for a great support, I’ll try to do my best :thumbsup:


Bird’s leg, it took more time to do it then I expected

c&c are welcome


I know it’s boring to look at some stupid bird’s legs, but they have to be done anyway. It’s like a food in dish - I always start to eat things I like less in it :wink:


Legs looks nice, but something wrong with birds head, I think you should work more on the eye. Sekmes :slight_smile:


Grubber Ok, I’ll try to fix that, now that you’ve said I see they are a bit small comparing to references thanks :thumbsup:


Here comes the wing progress, hell with me, I jumping to all parts of my picture, want to make everything at the same moment, I have to stop that… anyway, don’t look now at the textures cause they are made for better visual understanding how feathers are placed. The most important think now is to place all feathers corectly so they would construct a proper wing, I have to get more references, that’s all for now… critism would be welcome. :wink:


Very nice feather, cool wing :thumbsup:


Hey, thanks ar LutiK, nice to hear some comments from you :thumbsup:


yes, good-looking feathers!


hey man nice modeling…What kind of bird is this?:thumbsup:


bne[/b] Thanks, it’s nice to hear that, though the feathers will look better in future (I hope) :slight_smile:

melkao Thank you, well this is a “birds of paradise”, though not existing type actually… mostly I am using referneces of “paradisea apoda” also known as lesser or very similar type raggiana. So mostly it’s shape going to look like that, but not the colors… or maybe though… :rolleyes: