Spectacular 3D Entry: Andrius Balciunas


Andrius Balciunas is entered in the “Spectacular Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: Four Nights Fountain


good luck Crying Horn


Hey! Great to see you here too. Looks like this is going to be one of the more challenging ones to do. Good thing it’s a long one. Good luck!


I liked your work from last challenge, hope to see the great things from you. Good luck:thumbsup:


Thank you guys for welcoming! I have a couple of ideas for theme but still not sure about them :wise:

the best: Same to you :thumbsup:
MattGyver: Thanks, yeah you’r right this one is going to be a tough one indeed…
ace4016: Thank you for your beutiful words mate I’ll try my best… Good luck to you too :bounce:


I was expecting that you join this chalange. I can’t wait your concept!
Sekmes! :thumbsup:


Hey mate, nice to see you too here again, the concept theme is still in progress…
Aciu! :thumbsup:



Here it comes…
The basic idea is that somwhere exists a fountain which flows the water not affected by gravity, and sometimes birds (or other creatures) loves to come there and play with it, drink it, splash it and etc.
This sketch isn’t exactly what I expect the final to look, but I hope it will give a basic understanding of what I am going to do… Excuse my drawing I am still learning my (GOD DAMN) hand…

See ya…


I like the idea about the water not affected by gravity. Hope you’ll amaze us. Keep up the good work and good luck.


Decided to give some progress…

I started to create a tubes of fountainan (more like: sketch of tubes) wich will flow the water and the birds skeleton to experiment on poses. Within I’m experimenting on layout. Have to try a diferent angles. No real modeling yet


You’ve got the start of a cool image there. It’ll be cool to see how you get the water going in ways it’s not supposed to. very interesting. Waiting to see more. :thumbsup:


Started to model my fountain tubes, this is part of ornaments that are going to be on them…

c&c are welcome


Hi. Really nice start on modeling, and I love your poetic/original concept.:slight_smile:

Good luck:thumbsup:


very nice details. So you are going to make tubes where the water flows from? is that it? or am I getting it wrong?


wow nice modelling, what method are you using to get neat details like that?


Hey Andrius,

Some very nice detailed modeling , great job. :thumbsup:


Nice concept dude, nice detailed modeling I am anxious to see your next step, cause this
is a really interesting concept:thumbsup:


Very nice ornament, great modeling


nice details. myself, i prefer to build basic forms first for the whole picture, and only then detail those places that need it.



razz Thanks, I’ll see what I can do
MattGyver about the water - me too :scream:
SNoWs No you are getting it right mate :thumbsup:
hhssuu Thanks, it’s a loft modeling. Paths and shapes in other words.
david.mig, mmoir, ar LutiK, Thank you all, that’s really sweet to hear that from you :slight_smile:
uiron Yes you’r right this is the same I am trying to do. I on purpose do not sent the final concept scene because it may be tweaked quite a lot in progress, in any case the ornaments will sure be there… :wise: Aciu