Spectacular 3D Entry: Andrew Hickinbottom


well, I feel like a complete nonghead missing this! I assumed you weren’t doing one as I didn’t see a spectacular link on your signature…I’m a @#*!! idiot!
At least it’s been fun reading the whole thread and seeing it evolve instantly!very funny and original concept- the grannies are fantastic-and for someone who can’t draw, I would never have guessed-really great faces and characterizations.I’d say you can draw, you just don’t use a pencil! the fat one is my fave. love the scene in the background, and the final render is perfect- it has that old look to it and suits the concept really well!
anyway, belated congrats Andy,love your stuff, and I won’t miss the next one!


congratulations for your final picture :thumbsup:
one of my favorite ! no critics for me :slight_smile:


Excellent work!
Love your grannies!
Great dude:thumbsup:


This turned out really wonderful! Good luck.


Congratulations Andy, for finishing and creating a great image.:applause:


Beautiful and original final image, great work, i like it a lot. Love your style! Congrats! :thumbsup:


just lol great work andrew!!


Hi Andy, congratulation on finishing your picture mate, it looks very nice and so funny. The rendering you have makes it also a bit old fashioned like the ladies themselves, it all fits together, nice expression on their faces too, very cool stuff!!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


really greate! excellent work:thumbsup:


Congratulations on finishing, Andy!!

I love it!!

Give me another fifty years and i’d love to meet some ladies like them two. We could all sit in the park drinking Nutter cider. And then they’d argue all the way home about who gets to come back to my bungalow for a cuddle.

Don’t 'spose you wanna finish mine off for me…? haha!


Hey Andy!
So… it’s finished? really reaaaalllyy finished…?
well guess so! nothing tu cut from, nothing to add.

You’re really rocking man.
And thoose VFX are absolutely excelent!

Thoose close shots are YYYYIIIHHHAAAAA ! !


(+ good luck for the final judgement )


The Award for “Best Fun in Szene” is yours!!! :wink: :smiley:

Good Luck!!! :smiley:


Cheers folks - im pretty chuffed ive finished the old buggers! I almost quit at the halfway point due to composition problems, but I persisted! I hate having unfinished work in my portfolio.

Rebecca - Lol! Nice new avatar - sums up your “LOL-ness” perfectly :smiley:
Zapan - Cheers - im actually trying to break away from ‘that style’ for a change though!
Climax - Yeah, the background is a bit grey. I started off making the whole thing fairly desaturated, but then the characters didnt stand out, so i boosted the saturation on the characters and left the BG as it was. An old trick used on 2d cartoons.
Poshspice - Cheers - im glad someone likes the graininess! Ive been told by a few people that its a bit too grainy.
Shakes - Nonghead? What a great word! Ta for the comments and for giving me faith that my poor drawing skills arent a horrible obstacle to making good 3d!
Duddle - YAY! Im glad someone noticed my quality cider brandi! Ive got ‘HELLS’ Whiskey too! I always look forward to a good duddle comment - always chuckle inducing! Get crackin on your entry! Its looking ace with that new bridge now! Ive ran out of exclaimation marks now!!

Best of luck to everyone else and their entries!


hehehe good luck with your hell angels!:thumbsup: Beautiful!


Very well done Andy! hillarious.


I love your style really original and beautiful!
Congratulations for finish.
Good luck:thumbsup:


You do ? Let me say that I can’t wait to see that, I’m sure it would really rock !


Ha ha exellent hilarous image :thumbsup: and great realisation :applause:

Good luck for the final vote :beer:


Perfect work! I think its great. Looks like a nice poster.


congratulations Andy!:beer: I think it would be an excellent submission to expose