Spectacular 3D Entry: Andrew Hickinbottom


Congrats for finishing such an awesome image - it’s so cool, good luck with the jury :thumbsup:


A few closeups:


Simply brilliant, well done Andy, well done indeed


The large meets the thin in a clash of umbrellas and canes! I’m curious as to who will win.


congrats :slight_smile:


Nice entry, Andy, Best of luck to ya, holla!:wink:


congrats andy! this is an ultraspectacular one! great picture very funny and dynamic the closeups are incredible!


Great work Andy :thumbsup:


well done :wavey:

BTW I get chills when i see the thin lady, I just know I´m gonna look like her in about 30 years… :cry:



Sorry this is my first time replying on your thread, But I’ve followed it since a while :stuck_out_tongue:
Now it is the time all your great efforts pay off, and it is a great image, very funny and full of cool details, an excellent piece to add to your personal portfolio!, I wish u Luck with the Jury,
My only observation is that I personally feel the environment a bit sad and gray in contrast with the comic action, maybe more brilliant colors would make the diference and a comic and clearer sky, but it is just my opinion :smiley:
Well, this is the first final image I see around, so you are some steps ahead! Great job and Keep it up!


Congratulations on a great finished piece, Andy. This one has had me chuckling for a while now.

Best of Luck!


Great, and very funny !

Congratulations !

(the smoking grandma is very scary ! )


I couldnt resist :smiley:
I posted some poses, as well as this image in the final 3d gallery.
Go take a gander:

Now its time for a well earned rest, and to await the (probably fashionably late) judging process!


hey man congratulations for finish the image…i think that is great one of my favorites:cry:


As always the style is fantastic and the image is as well.

Great stuff man.:applause:



So it’s done! Woohoo! It looks fantastic Andy! I like the graininess of it, the atmosphere and the great characterisation. Congratulations! The fag (that’s ‘cigarette’) in the corner of the grannies mouth is a smashing touch!


[QUOTE=Andy H]

:applause: :applause: Congratulations dude for final image. Fantastic piece of art:bowdown: . I like the comic look in your scene Really looks great:thumbsup:


W:eek:W Andrew.

Congratulations on your masterpiece!!
Verry funny… very cool… and above all something realy spectacular and innovative!

4 sure on of the best entries in this Challenge!


Cheers :beer: my Friend! and good luck with the judges!


:thumbsup: Andrew… you grand ma’ are simply spectacular. Congrats for this amazing and really funny image !


Wow nice job. Looks very action packed and the models are amazing. Thanks for even considering the dog idea. but the whiskey and malboros match the grandmas personality very well. once again nice job:thumbsup::applause: This ones a winner