Spectacular 3D Entry: Andrew Hickinbottom


Man i love it… you really did accomplish something special…


HAHA! Wonderful and hilarious image! We have a comedy-series(Hipp hipp) in Sweden where these actionfilled fights take place between two old guys in wheelchair! It reminded me so much of it! Im not skilled in 3d so all i can say is, great characters(love granny), hilarious and action filled!

Good luck!


Hey, Andy! Kick ass Idea you have! :applause:
Grannies looks great, fantastic dynamic atmosphere of image.
Action of fight and movement looks excellent.
Keep on rocking!


Wow! That sounds ace! If only we had entertainment like that in the UK :smiley:
Cheers for all the comments.
Now ive completed PS2 resident evil 4 that ive been playing solidly over the last couple of weeks, Im pretty confident that ill get this thing finished this weekend!


impossible work , it looks like 2d drawing

how do you do that? absolutel greate rendering and the “speed line”

do you make them in photoshop or 3d scene?


Does anyone know if your final image HAS to be at least 2657 pixels across? Will I get marked down if you render it at, say, 2000 x 2500?
Truth be told, my image looks ugly as hell in an extremely high resolution, and my computer is creaking under the processing strain just to calculate reflections and shadow maps!
Could i submit a slightly lower resolution render and still be judged fairly?If i can get it rendered and compositied with no problems, i should have this wrapped up by tonight or tomorrow.



As I guess you’ve seen on the submission instruction page, it says:

If you cannot reach the desired full-page resolution, just send in what you have.

Whether it could potentially mean an implicit mark-down… I’d be darned if anyone less than a judge could give a conclusive answer to that :shrug:

2000x2500 would still be fairly large though, even if it’s not enough for a full page 300 DPI print… Tricky!



Hello… I’m just amazed with your work.
It’s such a creative and funny idea… that the only thing I can tell you is (even if your image isn’t large enough) you already have my vote. Good luck.


Hi again Andy!
I found some clips on the two competitive wheelchair guys :p! I’ll try to discribe how to watch it, the site is in swedish…

  1. You need realplayer.

  2. http://svt.se/svt/jsp/Crosslink.jsp?d=2818 heres the adress, to your upper right you see a link saying “videoklipp” klick it! :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Now a popup will appear, in the new window click “Axel och Yngve”, then you can chose to watch “Rullstolsjakten”(wheelchair race), “Hålslag och sparkar”(general fighting) and “Veras födelsedag”(Veras birthday).

  4. When klicking on any of the above mentioned the first time you have to confirm what kind of players you use. Mark both “Windows media player” and “Realplayer” and on the option below chose realplayer, then press “Spara inställningar”!

  5. Hope it works and it gives you a laugh!


LOL, that is truly great, good stuff AndyH!:smiley:


Not a nessesary update. Im only really posting this to use up a milestone. Its not really “post effects and compositing” but just so i can show you what the raw render data looks like before i run it through photoshop for compositing and tidying up.
The pic on the left is the result of my regular lighting, whereas the one on the right is the ambient occlusion pass. Ill apply it to the base layer using multiply, then add a blurred, desaturated copy of the base layer on screen, and add various tints, vignettes, noises and blurs in photoshop to give it a softer, less CG feel.

Frozt - Funny clips! I love the bit where theyre fighting with the zimmerframes and when he gives the old lady a new intraveinous drip for her birthday!

Finished image coming soon! Either tonight or tomorrow afternoon!


hiya… the image is simply beautifull! and full of humor! :smiley: !cheers!


bout’ time ya get an occlusion pass out :slight_smile:
just a tip - I use AO on everything I make, EVERYTHING. try also using it as overlay. it will totally burn and increase the contrast of your image, but in some local areas it can improve. just make a mask for it.


I thought id try something different for the challenge.
Rather than a typical view of ‘spectacular’ such as majestic landscapes, big explosions, futuristic aircrafts and action packed battles, I wanted to portray a more mundane and unusual view.
2 grumpy old English grannies skidding around a corner in a small village fighting it out for a large stash of booze and cigarettes! Using typically slow and cumbersome mobility scooters makes it more comical because they are going so fast!


Okay, the thread rules say you have to summarise your final entry when you post it.

>disengages rule following mode<

This is the final image!
Unless there are any MAJOR issues with it, im done and dusted with these 2 old gits!

It might sound a bit cheap, but ill do my usual 4 pose collage (like i do with all my characters) and ill post them in the finished 3d gallery. Is it ‘wrong’ to include my actual final entry with this too? Or should i keep it to myself until the judging is over?

Anyway - thanks a ton to everyone who followed my progress and gave me the will to sit this out!

Now i can rest!


Hi Andrew, congrats to you had finished your scene, i know that is so hard, congrats. I loved your scene, totally inside your style and i like so much. One more great work to your collection for sure. Wich for you good luck. Sorry for my english. :applause:


Although this is coming from someone who actually incorporated a couple of fairly large explosions, I’d still like to say Congrats! Good job, great characters (and those last small bits of rubble added a lot actually).



Andy H,

LOL, though I’ve seen this picture NUMEROUS times, it never fails to elicit a few COLs chuckle out louds from me, hahahahaha!!! :scream: This so rocks! Best of luck to you and your bevy of old, cranky women! :scream: :bounce: :thumbsup: :applause:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Congratulations Andy ! :bounce:

The picture rocks man , and everything is totally in your style which I am a huge fan…
And also congratulations for the very unique theme of your spectacular vision, humour , and everything…

Best wishes for you man !!!


Well you know what i think :bowdown: Congrates on finishing in suck an awsome style