Spectacular 3D Entry: Andrew Hickinbottom


I understand your feeling too Andy, i am in that feeling too…lol…i am seeing my image over a month now…this is killing me…lol…but what the heck …your image looks great …just make an effort to make it look better the days left (i mean about lights and stuff…):thumbsup:


Yep, the models/textures/overall composition/idea/etc… are greats…just don’t fall off the final with a no-top-notch light setup :slight_smile:

As James said, it need more contrast… I’ve try to add more contrast with photoshop’s levels and curves, and the picture get better…not perfect, but better.
I think you should rework your light setup and focus it on contrast, add maybe more white to the main light source, you should maybe desaturate the background a bit to focus the spectator on the grannys…Well, i’m confident than you will solve the problem fastly, there is no reason, your previous character has all a great light setup :slight_smile:

keep patience :wink:


psycho granny:thumbsup: very good lightning and models


it’s coming along nicely, you still have over 2 weeks for an improved lighting solution.


I don’t know, I quite like the lighting so far…but eh, I don’t really know much about the 3d process and lighting so I shall keep schtum there. Looks suprisingly action packed heh, I love the radial thing there, gives it so much motion. This has been one of my favourite pieces in the challenge. Can’t wait to see the final image!


Ive tweaked the lighting some more.
After a few completely different approaches, I (and several of my workmates!) prefered the existing shot. Using that as a base, i tried to make it more contrasty and less flat.
Here is the end result.
Do you all think it is better? Im no lighting expert, so im not sure if i can do any better really…

Unfortunately, the textures look quite ugly at really high res, so i might have to do a bit of photoshopping to blur them or change the contrast.

I hope i can get the lighting sussed soon - im getting so damn sick of this image!


Flipping back and forth between the two for a while now… I think it’s better :thumbsup:

Further tuning can surely be done in post. Only one thing: it looks like you’ve got two different specular sources going there. Considering it’s outdoors and everything, it might look more natural if only the keylight emits specularity, and the fills do not.

Then finish it up, and you’re off the hook :smiley:



Woo! Some kind of approval from master MK!

I know it sounds bad, but i just want to get the damn thing out the way and sit back and relax!
In terms of mainaining intrest, 3 months on 1 image is a real toughie! I want to render off my usual 4 pose collage of my grannies and post them on my site and in the finished 3d section, then wait for the judging, which will probably take ages again.

Cheers for the quick response. Ill turn off the specular on the fill light - makes sense i guess!


good update, now i can feel the danger with the grannys:wip:


do you add grain ? i think it’s a bit too much, don’t know maybe it’s personal taste , overall image look spectacular , good job ,andy! ahh , maybe try to increase brighness or contrast ?


I knew there was something that bothered me… That grain makes it look too dirty.


I hope you don’t mind, I had a quick play in photoshop … This is where I would take it … :stuck_out_tongue:

and I agree about the grain.


I think this layout is the best one.
Find that the speed lines seems to make like big bump on the road and well maybe it would be better without at this part of the picture ??


Haha great funny feeling! I think u need slightly to improve ground texture(asphalt) the front is pretty closeup.

Bouth characters looks very good! :thumbsup:


Hi, nice post-process in photoshop:). You have made here a really great spectacular picture, so funny and really well done.:thumbsup:


very cool idea


I think this lighting setup works pretty well now, tho’ it seems to lack some shadows. did ya try to get a seperate occlusion pass and work it in PS ? it can make a huge difference !

another thing that really really bothers me here is that they (well more the grandma’ on the left) seem to “have came” from behind but there’s a fence behind … it doesnt have the feeling the came from the left. the one on the right sorta have that feeling maybe because ya rotated here slightly to the right, but the other one doesnt quite make sence. maybe its because of the “zoom blur filter”.

other than that its great :thumbsup:
very funny


Youre exactly right!
They look as is theyre going straight because of that zoom filter. Ill try offsetting it to the left so that the center of the zoom is coming from the side of the shot instead of the center of it. There is a seporate ambient occlusion pass on top using overlay. Ill also try and make the smoke more defined and noticable so that it shows where they are skidding from. As poshspice suggested (on a PM) ill also tighten granny 2’s grip on the umbrella - she doesnt look tense enough.

Ajsmac - looks good, though i cant really notice that much difference other than the slight colour ajustment. Not too keen on that grey glow that is forming on the horizon though. I liked the sepia tone because it makes it so that there is no 100% white value on the image, and balances it out a little bit. Plus, it makes it look a bit different to the rest of the entries.


better, but I’d add even more brightness to it


[color=white]Hello[/color] Andy[color=white], shame has I I never came here while your subject is really excellent, I like the head of the old women. very beautifull work :applause: [/color]