Spectacular 3D Entry: Andrew Hickinbottom


Ive still to texture the drain, the fence and the house in the background. Might paint a bit of sky, but ill keep it fairly simple, grey and overcast.
Most of the textures are from photos I have found or taken myself.
Hardly any of the textures have bump maps or specular maps. Not sure if they need them really.


Very nice, Andy.:thumbsup: I don’t think things need much of a specular highlight, particularly if your going to make the sky overcast.


i will look forward to see your work!!! i like your style a lot:bounce:


Background it pretty much textured now. Id like to add darker patches where rain has pooled, as well as some litter and bits of moss. The house in the background needs work too.
I will probably tweak the colours or the contrast of the background as well because the characters are getting lost in the composition.
Ive also modeled the cloth and hair on the grannies to flap in the wind too. Ive yet to model anything in granny 2’s basket. Their facial expressions and props need finishing too. Damn - thats lots of work!

Gonna try and knock this on the head in the next week or 2. All thats really left is lighting and compositing.

Crits anyone? Its been a bit quiet recently!


LOL! wonderful!haha I think you could develop the sky and change a little bit the perspective of the stick of the woman in red:) …and hmmm how if you put some touches of light to the sewer?

Anyway, it´s an excellent,original and spectacular job!hahah Good luck with your hell angels!:slight_smile:



OMG, I guffawed for nearly two minutes straight ~ now there’s Chipotle all over my monitor, someone get me the 409! :argh: :scream: Awesome work AndyH ~ sad thing is, I can really see this happening! :scream:

Only thing is, it’s unclear what they’re fighting over ~ a parking spot? A sextastic 85~year old? LOL! :scream: Maybe the ante needs to be upped…the last box of Depends? A modern parable of the Song of Solomon!!! :scream:
Whatever you do, this is sure to be hilarious!!! :beer:




haha Andy you’re the best !

terrific (and almost done!)



gonzalo - Yeah, the drain came out pretty dark. Ive yet to finalise the lighting, so i should be able to make it pop a bit more.

rebecca - cheers! Ive no idea what chipolte or 409 is, but um thanks anyway! I know what you mean about the lack of story. I havent filled granny 2’s basket yet, so maybe the contents of that could be the motive? several bottles of gin/ whiskey? The last copy of prima magazine? Loads of duty free cigarettes? Maybe i could add a small sign on the closed shop saying ‘no booze left’ or summat? :shrug:

Shtl - id like to think its almost done, but being the lazy perfectionist i am, ill probably end up stretching it out til the end of the deadline!


Andy H,

Heehee, Chipotle = McDonald’s answer to Mexican food =

and 409 =

You get the idea! :scream:

I’m sure I’ll be spewing Taco Bell with your next update. :thumbsup: :scream:




Just came by to say I like this piece.:thumbsup:
Keep sharp.
A I R off.


You rock man. Not only funny but spectacular. You have succeeded!


HI Andy, stunning result man, and awsome rendering. It just feels that the two ladies should have their mouth a little more open in such a hectic chase scene. :arteest:
Keep up the good work!


:smiley: + :scream: lol this is very funny !

Agree with the problem between figures and background… probably the pink lady dress flower design is to sharp a little bit more and give generally a more fabric feeling to all dress… :wip:


Great work on this part Andy!
Id make the characters have more colo(u)r! But Its coming along nicely!


love it ! Very, very funny !


hehehe very nice, I must agree- funny stuff! One suggestion that I would make would be to see if you can color in the shadows a bit. The black shadowing is flattening out your image… Maybe you can control this with a more saturated version of the shader colors in each shader’s ambient color?


Oh my god rolls around on the floor laughing that’s so brilliant! One of the best pieces I’ve seen in quite a while. I’m gonna be havin nightmares about that creepy skinny granny O_o.


:bounce: that’s funny, waiting for next


It’s a great work you made. Very original and nice design. My only “deception” would be about colors that I thought would be more saturated regarding to 1st design and all you previous work showed on cgtalk (which are so cool and impressive).


Outstanding work:thumbsup: !! And really funny:twisted: ! I love your work on the details and of cause the characters are just wonderful…I can not agree with the others concerning the colors…I don’t think this needs more saturation…I like the mood as it is…Congrats!:applause: