Spectacular 3D Entry: Andrew Hickinbottom


Definetely looks cool:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Thanks a lot folks - im definately gonna see this one out to the end now! I feel like popeye after he downs a can of spinach! I even have a glowing polygon motif appear in my bicep! :scream:

monstij - i know what you mean. I think ill keep it as it is though, because the sky is gonna be grey and overcast, so giving the sky too much space will make it look kinda dull. Plus, i want the camera to show quite a bit of the pavement so i can get all that detail in.

A quick question to y’all:
Can sparks, smoke and dust be composited later in photoshop? Im not too hot with 3d particles and effects, so a fair bit of photoshopping will be required to get the remaining detail in. Im not sure how this stands in the rules.

Ta :thumbsup:


I think yes…it’s not the main part of your theme but an addon element. Why shouldn’t …(scratches head).


very nice concept :). And the modeling is exellent. Like it allot.


no crits for you mate… just enjoying the progress…


looking better all the time, if you can try and give grann2 a snarl or scream of rage kinda expression, make her look really evil considering she looks abit like the bloke from the phantasm


Yep, its looking much much better!

About sparks and such: if you can make them in photoshop you can implement them in 3d space (opacity maps on planes) so presto 3d sparks…
“its only cheating if you get caught”-Al Bandy


Well definitly nice option you’ve got there!
Now we totaly concentrate on thoose two evil riders. This is great :thumbsup:
The angle adds a lot to the dynamism feel, and knowing the quality and amount of details you’ll get when (re) textured… :applause:
if you get done the FX job as in your vision, this will be hypa terrific image (terrific is positiv :wink: )

joining others about facial expressions tweaks but this wip for sure.
oh, and suprised they didn’t loose their wigs lol !

zero idea about full 3D or postprod work ok… but I do hope this shouldn’t be a prob, important is CG spectacular image imo… and you are so close to it!


cool !!! :thumbsup:


excellent camera effect it alows to the speed of the granis…great detail man:thumbsup:


Hey, funny as can be Andy, and great speed effect. Can’t wait to see it in colour. Nothing to crit. Keep going in that direction, it’ll look unique:thumbsup: :bounce:


Reaaaally realy… expectacular



The image feels a lot more dynamic now :D:thumbsup:


This layout is much better that the old one. Hope it will be good at the final steps.


Nice work, both funny and with lot of action, very inspiring.
Keep it up


Yep Andy , the funniest concept around but yet spectacular.
All of this appears just perfect for me , now I’m just waiting for the textured version of this.

Awesome work here , I’m a big fan of your art :bounce: :bowdown:


thats awesome looking.

maybe it would be cool if you had a dog in the fat lady’s basket, barking at the old lady as there racing or whatever. meh just an idea good luck with the compo. :thumbsup::scream:


Here is the background as it is so far.
I couldve added litter, lamposts, boxes, street signs, bollards, bins and other little bits, but they would only clutter the composition. I wont add any detail unless its integral to the image and doesnt distract the eye. Also, the characters take up so much of the image, its not worth modeling what you cant see. The textures are gonna sell this, not the modeling detail.
One thing im really gonna try and recreate is the ‘patchwork pavement’ effect. Due to tarmac being laid, then dug up to lay down cables, do repairs etc, you have a very uneven surface with different tones of tarmac running in patches and lines. A lot of streets around where i live are like this. I thought it would be more intresting and realistic than having paving slabs. The only thing i might change is the house at the rear. Its based on actual reference photographs, but looks ugly at that angle. I may also add a tree (flat plane texture of course!) behind the house to give it more depth and colour, but ill have to see what it does to the composition.

Nice idea with the dog by the way. Im too lazy to model it at this stage. Ill probably just fill her basket with gin and whisky bottles!

Cheers for all your comments!


Looking good Andy, my fav entry so far … keep up the good work.


see, I tole ya, the lower angle works better… now you need some kinda rally feel to it, like you said, lots of dust and debris, you could try having their carts toutching, so you get metal grinding metal, and scratchmarks, or making one of them even more airborne, more od a definat wipeout angle, its looking great but I think a bit more peril could be in order, or am i just too much of a sadist :)…