Spectacular 3D Entry: Andrew Hickinbottom


How about some tyre marks where they’ve skidded round the corner - it might help suggest that they are really gunning it…

Keep it going, you’ve got a strong entry here :thumbsup:


Yeah - tyre marks, smoke, sparks, motion blur, buckled wheels - ive got it all planned. Should look a lot more dynamic once i get to that stage. Im just trying to nail the framing and composition at the moment.
Cheers for all your suggestions folks - ill try and get some work done on it the weekend.


:eek: i like your style a lot…looking forward to see your work!!!


Hehe, really nice style, i like a lot, very original concept too!!:thumbsup:


Never loose heart man! You have such awesome skills and we all love your work. Just think about that the next time you get frustrated! I like what you’re doing here and I’m sure with time you will really hit the nail on the head.


Well a small suggestion that might help you dude, if you can put more buildings, I mean tall sky-scrapers on both the sides and make it look like a big city. put some more low poly or medium poly vehicles as props and these grannies fighting with each other to win the race in middle of this traffic with no tension and yeah put some heavy duty motion blur on the buildings and other vehicles. the good reference for Env. is Microsoft’s game “Motor cross madness” Just a suggestion dude:)
A great job on modeling dude, I respect your style Man:bowdown:


i like the idea , the characters , actualy i can’t help smiling when looking at your scene and characters , good luck.


finally something funny!! great job


Your modeling is in itself spectacular, Andy. :slight_smile:

Compositionally-wise, however, it’s somewhat hard to understand the scene. Are they racing or just getting into a scuffle in the parking lot of a supermarket? If they’re racing, I think you need to change the scene a bit to reflect that.
Instead of the buildings being directly behind them, distance them further from the buildings and more in the parking lot. Maybe have a little kid (grandson, perhap?) waving a homemade racing flag far behind the grandmas?

All the best and good luck, Andy. :bounce:


I think, you need to use a more wide lens, and get the camera lower to the ground, so they almost look like giants, also their heads should be framed completley by sky, makes their heads the focal point because of contrast… you also get a more dynamic image because of debris interaction with the foreground and camera, you loose that when the camera is further away from the ground… lastly you get a sense of speed, like how they make sports cars lower to give you an impression of more speed…

Its looking great, keep on it, I think it will stand out in the end… btw one of the characters reminds me of that pixar short Jerry’s Game … her hands I think… great.


Keep Rockin mate:buttrock: You’ve got the makings of a classic image here Andy;)


Im quite pleased with this now. The umbrella (just a temp object at the moment) being held up creates a focus and makes the image more exciting, like a battle is taking place.
I have lowered the camera, tilted granny 1 more so she looks like shes about to ‘wipe out’ and ive added BASIC cloth waviness to simulate the forces and wind being applied to them.
To make it more dynamic, i intend to have their clothes flappinf in the wind, granny 1’s hair flapping, bent, skidding wheels, debris, dust, skidmarks, gravel, sparks, motion blur and speed lines. Ill also add some shopping in granny 2’s basket, though it blocks up a lot of her coat and the mesh messes with the composition. I tried the scattering bin idea and to be honest, i think it made the eye focus on it, and it was hard to put in a logical place. Id like to keep the 3rd character (the kid in the BG) but im not sure where i could fit him in without buggering up the focal points.
The composition is not perfect - in fact, its a bit of a mess - but once basic lighting is applied, you can easily make out the 2 focal objects anyway.
I just want to finish the entry and i think im spending far too much time arsing about. If its simply modeling and texturing, then im ok, but i keep stalling cos im worried about screwing up the overall composition!

Thanks a lot for all your comments and suggestions!
Must… finish… entry!


Just one word:




Im glad you think its better. This is seriously the hardest and least fun bit of the whole challenge for me!
If i can really nail that composition down now, i can go nuts and model the environment and make it look real purdy using those reference photos ive took!


True dat! A general composition that really works is incredibly difficult to get right… modeling and textures and all that is easy-peasy compared to nailing the overall image… Only the fun bits left to finish now, dude :thumbsup:



Yup…that is much better! :slight_smile:


Hah!.. I don’t know whether to laugh or dive outta the way…

Congrats on a stunning and dynamic comp mate:thumbsup:… It really shows that you fought the good fight on this one mate… Enjoy the home stretch;)


this looks soo much better andy! :smiley: the brolly definately balances it out a little more! and the camera angle makes it look loads more dynamic! sweet stuff!! keep it up! :beer:


Hehehee! :applause:
Yes, that looks much better - now it staring to feel “Spectacular”. (well, as spectacular as two old grannies racing to the death on their scooters can get :smiley: )


the new one is great! I like the wind blow woman’s hair! it’s very good add to image! some little point is , in my opinion about composition you can lower down your camera a bit to make sky have more room than street ? because now center of interest is charactor face is a bit too high , don’t know , maybe you can try, good job mate!