Spectacular 3D Entry: Andrew Hickinbottom


to me it seems that the pavement doing a very sharp turn, but not the houses behind. Is that how you did it, or is it just me?


Just got back to it.
Ive shuffled around the elements of the image to try and make it more appealing and simpler to look at.
Its nearly there - i want to start modeling the elements of it today.
Again - any die-hard composition fans out there - let rip!

EDIT - i just noticed your pic Shtl! It wasnt showing up before for some reason! Looks good - i like the idea of them jumping some steps. Ill bear it in mind.


Just come back for a dreary trudge around the dodgy backstreets around where i live. In the rain. On my day off.


Got some good reference images
Heres just a few of em:


Looking good, and those reference pics seem very promising - particularly since there happens to be a shot of some stairs there, and I actually like shtl’s idea a lot… some stairs or a similar “perilous” setting could add an extra dimension to an otherwise already damn fine concept.



Whatever you choose, since your charactere are this cool, it will be OK :thumbsup:
(mmm, i know it’s way too late, but i would have put little technical stickers on the side of the vehicules…?)

Thoose pics buy time for update, but they make us imagine the scene better.

Waiting for more Andy H’s delightfull skilled stuff :slight_smile:


Im starting to lose heart with my entry due to composition troubles!
I made this quick mockup to try and visualise what it will look like and put my fears to rest. 2 images comped together - one with GI, one with basic lighting. The finished thing wont look that shadowy or washed out. Its just tempoary lighting.
Im quite pleased with it, but i still think the composition needs work.

It needs to look more kinetic i think. I toyed with the idea of one of them smashing something like a window or knocking over a bin, but it would require a drastic camera change - i want to keep them both focused on the foreground. The idea is that they are skidding around the corner at speed and granny 1 has hit the kerb, knocking her scooter sideways.
I might have granny 1 doing a small jump off a kerbstone. The finished things will hopefully look a lot more exciting cos im gonna try and have their coats or hair flapping in the wind.


Cmon Andy, you can be spectacular!

This image is not very “dynamic” , play w the DOF or the position of the characters …:wise:

I admire your character modelling skills!:thumbsup:


First of all you could add a little motion blur to the grannys…


hehe, looking really good andy! :slight_smile: i think the idea of the kicking of the rubbish bin with things flying out, would add an extra angle to the granny on the right making her look like she’s even meaner than she already is! have you tried the composition as more of a landscape instead of portrait? i think it’d be nice to see a little more space (road/ pavement etc) either side of the grannies… and green-scooter-granny… you’ve left her defenseless!! i don’t think it’s very fair!! i think she would look sweet with a brolly in her hand so she can at least block walking stick attack! you gonna put any shopping in her basket? some skid marks on the road would be cool too! so gambette!! and dont lose heart its coming together really well!! :wink:


A potential winner here! :thumbsup: (Though u won’t be needing it) Good luck, mate :applause: agree with sergioKomic - some DOF tests, camera angles could make this image really stand out.


This is one of the funniest Entries I have seen!!! :thumbsup:

I was thinking on your composition, just an idea:

Have Granny 2 (the redish scooter) on the verge of wiping out and cling to the scooter of dear life. Just a thought.

Keep it coming


This is a really cool entry! With some extra details like the trash bin kicked, it will be even better.


This is so funny, I love it. Great work Andy!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


:applause:jajaja great escene, and composition, and rendering. this one is one of my favorites:buttrock:


oy andy u tha maaan u cracked me up of laghter here…frickin awesome:thumbsup:


Hmm… I don’t really feel it… just a quick hipshot in the dark, but how about copying the style of your typical “kewl sk8ter flick”? Weird camera angle, fisheye lens, you’d have to imagine the soundtrack of course, and these two old bags doing some insane stunt (still driving their things of course), maybe sliding down the railing on some stairs… something like that.



I think adding more of the street to the left side of the image could give more of an indication that they are swerving dangerously around a turn. Also, I agree with everyone else. A trashcan full of stuff flying could look great, and would give a hint as to how fast they are going.


heyy! very funny! really! the only crit would be colors which is being used here,it lacks some certain main colors,just to achieve that final look of spectacularity! cool,keep it up!:thumbsup:


mama’s gonna die tonight !


There is a nice work on the character but it’s right that, as you said, there is a problem in the picture’s composition. I don’t know if it’s a problem with the point of view, I’d rather think not. The picture can be really more dynamical with the grannies’ scooters (one of them could be flying in a cartoonish way) and also thanks to grannies’ facial expression, they could be threatenning or terrified. Here, they are quite indifferent.

That was just little crits, but you are conscious of the little defaults of it. Still, it’s a really nice work you have done!:bounce: