Spectacular 3D Entry: Andrew Hickinbottom


Very funny! I liked so much of the characters, also good work with the modeling. Congrats :thumbsup:


Granny two looks heaps better with her new forehead, and I love the way granny one is really biting down on her cigarette. I imagine she would continue talking without taking it out of her mouth.

I think granny one looks mean but I wouldn’t go so far as to say she looks evil. I think she looks better now with her eyes a little lighter.:slight_smile:


Character design is very cool and i like a mood your character skin because it have a sense of humour. and have funny na.:eek:


Excellent, I can’t wait to see the final motorised battle between those ladies :slight_smile:


nice style!:thumbsup:
i’m waiting for final!


Yay, the ciggie has been applied - now I can die in peace with a smile on my face :thumbsup:

No useful crits unfortunately as I’m busy drinking beer.



jajajaj they looks like a bad girls…good pose:thumbsup:


Looking forward to the compositing.


Everytime I see this I just burst out laughing. It’s so perfect! You have a real knack for capturing people Andy. Really looking forward to the next update.


Hahaha, that’s quality.

I love the fact that they are both so unique, whislt maintaing the style. The slight alterations to the buggies is a great touch too.

Good skills!


Ive gone back to where i started and re-worked the composition.
Be really picky with this if you like. Im ok with pleasing composition, but when its deconstructed by an expert, there are always loads of inconsistencies.
Im quite happy with the feel of it at the moment, especially the layered background and the colours, but i still think it could be simpler, and easier on the eye.
Ive also tried reformatting it to landscape. I prefer the portrait one myself.
What do y’all think?


If the final image gonna have that tilt, then I prefer the portrait :slight_smile:


The portrait one feels more open, as opposed to the landscape version which is slightly claustrophobic. A choice… well, it all depends on what you’re looking for yourself here.

The way their heads line up with the right-hand wall needs to be considered… not that I know which one looks better in that respect, but it does have a certain impact on how these babes are perceived. Maybe if you want a more open feel, it would be best if their heads went above the wall, like in the landscape version. On the other hand, if they should appear more like an oppressed/oppressor duality, the bunched look of the portrait one would convey that better.

Tricky of course!



Yeah, basically, if a line (ie, the wall) goes across a characters head or neck, its a no-no. Because the wall is at a sensible height in the scene, it looks like that from that angle. I liked it in the initial concept where their faces were nearly in sihlouette because of the sky behind them, but the wall line ran through their heads.
Im trying to use the buildings to frame it and use the walking stick, rooftops, elbow direction and the line of sight to create focus. Im also trying to divide the image up by using the wall, the lampost and the kerb.


hahaha thats great! cant wait to see the final :slight_smile: very funny, youve actually captured the look of one of the insane ladys at my grandads nursing home, good job.


Anyone got anymore hints and tips on the composition? This is probably the phase where i need the most help! Gotta make sure the layout and elements are all correct before i start modeling the environment. Ive booked 2 days off work next week so i want to make a start then.
Let rip folks!


there is a commercial over here (for high band connection) where we can see classical action movies in slow motion, well, not slow motion, the horses goes so slow, actors acting VERY slow etc…
this is the feel of your image… aaa, didn’t read the first concept pages of this topic shame on me…:blush:

but before seeing your comp, I had thought of something more classicalily spectacular…
like thoose two jumping over steps, thoose ones from up right to left down, grannies making the perpendicular strengh line from middle low right to upper right corner…buildings rythming background lines… anyhow dynamic goes often very well with diagonals…
OK, i hope you wont bother i post this, just hope it can help:

or maybe you could add a climax stuff in the way of the grannies pursuit?
the second before the spec?

just thoughts, hope it can give you ideas or counter ones ?

anyhow, keep the old da’ty bag funk be with you :thumbsup:


I like your idea, it is very funny.

Good modeling to


I think the portrait version works best here - would perhaps suggest try a less tilted camera. The colrset looks fine though - this is going to be a great pic for sure :thumbsup:


I agree with Gun …